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I'm a rock dude. I grew up listening to rock & will always be my go to genre when I don't have anything to listen to or when I'm on the blue. However, as I get older I have been open to listening to other genre's & seem to enjoy it. One of the genre's I enjoy listening to which my friends are shocked at me is #KPOP. Yeah! You heard it right! Lol. I dunno why but maybe it's coz I worked for a Korean academy during my univ days & since my previous work needed me to learn KPop & Kdrama .

Though KPop has been receiving global recognition these past years, I seem to enjoy the ones that don't get that much of attention from the general KPop fanbase. One of these groups I listen to is called Dreamcatcher. Someone in a Baby Metal YT comment recommended this group and I'm glad I checked them out. Dreamcatcher has some rock vibe in their songs which IMO is maybe the reason they don't get the recognition they deserve in the KPop community since it's beyond their norm but if you watch their vids & live performances, their better than most popular groups out there (die hard fans will wreck me for saying this lol). They can sing & choreography is pinpoint (IMO) plus their MV's are awesome. Their vids have this weird dark surreal colorful fantasy feel to it.

It's kinda weird enjoying music that you don't understand but I've been listening to #Ramstein since HS so whatever.

Here's on of the vids they released last year & see for yourself.

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