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Where to visit when you come to my country

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5 months ago

Have you ever visited Nigeria? Or are you scared because of the stories you've heard about my country? Do not fear, my country is not as bad as it is painted on social media, though I must agree that we have leadership issues which have thus plummeted our tourist sector.

The country has 36 States and a capital city. The Eastern, Western and Southern part of the country have beautiful green filled lands, that supplies the beauty of nature, the Northern part of the country though arid, have varieties of culture that makes visiting worth your while.

Some of the Tourist sites in Nigeria according to Travelstart are;

Yankari Game Reserve
Lekki Conservation Center
Zuma Rock
Tarkwa Bay Beach
Erin Ijesha Waterfalls
Elegushi Royal Beach
Nike Art Center
Idanre Hill
Ibeno Beach
Awhum Waterfall
Gashaki Gumpti National Park
Sukur Cultural Landscape
Ogbunike Caves
Coconut Beach
Nok Settlement
Ancient Kano City Walls

The afore mentioned are not the only tourist sites here in Nigeria. If you are a lover of green nature mixed with dessert adventure, visit Nigeria. You will learn a lot, starting from civilization to nomadism which is very much in existence in Nigeria. Don't forget to add my country to your bucket list of adventures.

If you have been here, and has visited any of the listed sites, please share your experience with us in the comment section. Thank you for reading through, you can ask me any question you might have about Nigeria.

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Written by   13
5 months ago
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Beautiful photos. Actually I've been part of these 'stories' and I would call it horror, abusive and a lack of real friendship.

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5 months ago