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| Maradona, "Sweetheart of the Poor"|

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1 year ago

It is not more wonderful than to hear news from time to time about the Argentine legend, Diego Armando Maradona and know his conditions, as this star has a special place among football fans for his masterpieces that rejoiced hearts, and how if this is a human news that Maradona donated 10 souvenir shirts, food and brown means Infrastructure for 10 Argentine cities, in cooperation with the Argentine Red Cross, as part of the "10 for 10" charity campaign.

But this human aspect is not strange or new to Maradona, as this legendary star has always been biased towards the poor. He loves them and loves him. This has been his condition throughout his life. He belonged to them since his childhood when he suffered extreme poverty in a slum in the Lanos district of the capital, Buenos Aires.

Diego grew up, his name expanded and became occupying the world, but Diego remained, and his choice in the glory of moving to the city of the poor, Naples, Italy, is a confirmation of that. How beautiful are the pictures of Maradona that are still painted on the walls of Naples until now and that eternal love for him in the hearts of its inhabitants as confirmation that a great player passed by here and painted joy on the faces of the poor and continues to do whenever these people mention his name.

After his retirement, Diego remained the friend of the poor, their close friend and their fierce advocate. Examples are countless here, but let us stop at what he said a while ago when he declared his full support for imposing a wealth tax on the rich in his country. Diego said at the time in an interview with the Argentine newspaper "La Nación": "I fully support the imposition of a wealth tax. It is difficult to talk about the rich in this country," before adding: "Help people with food, this is not a show because I lived time with hunger, I suffered it." In Fiorito, something is harder than cold. "

As for the period of the ongoing Corona crisis, Maradona appeared in a video a few months ago in which he appeared affected and almost shed tears, calling for help for the poor in this crisis, considering that they remind him of his difficult childhood. Diego said at the time: "To those with merciful hearts, to you, my love. Please help the poor get food."

Maradona was not satisfied with that, but he did not hesitate to donate a commemorative shirt that means a lot to him, a copy of that legendary shirt that was crowned with the 1986 World Cup, to collect aid for a slum in Buenos Aires, and 100 kg of food, as well as sterilizers and masks, have already been secured.

In fact, Maradona may not be offering the huge sums offered by current stars, knowing that he currently does not have the wealth like them and is showing his palaces and luxury cars as they do, but surely what he does differs from the rest as he reaches from his heart to the hearts of the poor.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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