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To achieve its goal of incentivizing the world into becoming healthier, the Actina Coin project has come up with several supporting platforms. Currently, the team is focused on creating the following apps.

The Actina Wallet

The project is working on creating the Actina Wallet, which is a centralized wallet. It will allow users to manage the Actina Rewards they receive from various platforms in a centralized location. The wallet is directly linked to the Actina Store, where users can find merchants that offer Actina Discounts and special offers.

The Actina Store

The store is a central portal where merchants within the Actina Reward system can offer discounts in Actina to their buyers.


This is a simple step counter app, which is non-intrusive. It collects basic data from users who wish to monitor their activity and receive rewards in Actina via their phone. With ActiCount, users do not need to join any social network.

The ActinApp

This health and sports platform is based on Motivate, Educate, Challenge, and Stimulate (MECS). The ActinApp platform is designed to motivate people to be happier, healthier, self-confident, and physically fit. The ActinApp will have the Actina reward system built into it, which will help to showcase the potential.

Besides these platforms, the team is continually working on other projects, which will be released as the project evolves.

Some of the Severe Issues Actina Coin Wants to Solve

Most teenagers and to some extent, young children, spend many hours a week on their game consoles. Various studies have linked excessive gaming to social impairment and psychological distress. When combined with the resulting obesity from the lack of physical activity, it sometimes leads to depression.

Today, gaming addiction is recognized as a health disorder, which is not easy to overcome. Playing excessive amounts of online games has been found to lead to a lower quality of life for some people. They are simply unable to hold onto a job for long or engage in meaningful social interactions. The result is usually a poor mental state of health.

In some instances, severe gaming has even been linked to death. For some gamers, the addiction is so bad that they are unable to stop for even short periods to eat something healthy. Some gamers have spent days binging on energy drinks and nothing else, which have led to their eventual deaths.

Actin Coin Tokenizes Physical Activity

We currently live in a world of instant gratification, thanks to the internet. It currently seems like whatever you want can be accessed with the simple click of a button. Whether it is food or entertainment, people want it immediately.

The Actina Coin Project understands this issue. Convincing people that taking a few hours every week to exercise will have long-term benefits is not something many people are willing to understand. That is why the Actina coin project tokenizes physical activity. It allows people to receive instant rewards immediately after they engage in a positive physical activity, which will eventually have a great impact on their health in the future.

The Actina Coin project targets the health, education, and sports sectors as a way of getting people to take better care of their health. When people engage in positive physical activity, they receive an instant reward in Actina Coins. These coins can then be exchanged for discounts and special offers and participating merchant stores within the Actina ecosystem.

Details of the Actina Coin IEO

THe Actina Coin IEO is set to go live on February 21, 2021. At the IEO, the tokens will sell for 0.01 EUR each. For those who purchase tokens before the IEO, there will be a discount of up to 40%.

The first 5 million ACTI tokens, which are 2.5% of the total supply, will sell at a 40% discount. The next 5 million ACTI tokens, which are 2.5% of the total supply, will sell at a 20% discount.

Ticker Symbol: ACTI

Exchange: TBD

Initial Coin price: 0.01 EUR

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

To have more details on the project, visit at

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