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Modern man:
"What do you feel makes a man, a man, in today's society? What attributes do you feel a man should possess, how should he think and act? Answer in a minimum of 300 words and use your own photos if possible."

There is this sense of joy in me because I am able to join the challenge today and for this week. I wish I was able to join in yesterday which was my usual practice but I was unable to. I had to do this so early on today before the busy day kicks in even though it is the weekend.

There is a saying in my language that says: "He who has wealth and has no influence... He who has charm but isn't brave to use it... He who says a word and goes against what he says...let's all come to a conclusion and call such people COWARDS."

In a world where everyone keeps changing everything just to suit the current trend, it takes a man who is willing to keep his words to be a modern man. A modern man to many might be a man that goes with the trend or a man that is easily loved and liked by many but I am always careful about the man who is liked by ALL because it shows either he has compromised his standards or those hailing him are two-faced.

I feel a man should act honourably and with integrity even though those traits are in scarce commodity for now. I recently heard a Nigerian man speak to a married woman here in the UK and he said: "You should understand what I am trying to say. We are no longer in Nigeria, you should act like they do in the UK so we can copulate". The shocking part is, he is also a married man himself.

What am I saying? We live in a world where people choose who they want to be based on how the environment they choose to settle in dictates. A modern man to me is a man who is unwavering in his standards even when the situation around him threatens him to act otherwise.

A modern man to me is a man who is full of integrity. I don't like singing my praise but I would say that I cherish integrity a lot in people because it speaks to me as to whether you would compromise your standards when the chips are down.

I can remember in 2020, around December period when I left the bank. I was paid my bonus but they made a huge error as I was paid twice. I was shocked and the moment the alert hit my phone, I knew it's not something I would keep. I messaged my Head of Department then and told him the mistake from the account department and he was shocked to know I actually reported it especially knowing I wasn't working with them again plus, they hadn't detected it.

Funny enough, 3 other staff members that left at the same time got paid double too but none of them batted an eyelid. It was my escalation that made them contact them to confirm. One acknowledged it and the other denied before saying he would check with his bank and later he said he got a double. I can imagine him cursing me under his breath.

I got a lot of calls that day with mixed reactions. Some asking me why I didn't keep the money because it was supposed to be my luck, according to some. The others were shocked and commended what I did. I got a lot of respect from people for that single act and when another role even popped up after I left, I was asked to come back but I still declined respectfully.

To me, a modern man is a man with integrity. A man that honours his words. A man that is not influenced with his surroundings and would be considerate to others - what you don't want done to you, don't do it against others.

A man should think and act in a way that is respectable, full of integrity and when you give your word, honour it. Be slow to speak and be quick to listen. That's what a modern man is to me.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks. I am love's chemical content in human form and that's why  I advise people to take a dose of "Olawalium" daily. 🙈

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