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How Do You Relate To Your Goals?

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It's another thing to draw our your goals and it is another thing to have the discipline to go through with it. When the value of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. When you don't know how to carefully relate to your goals, you might notice that you are doing the same thing without results to show for it.

So, how do you relate to your goals?

1. State Your Goals:

You have to have a list drawn out. Try and list the things you want to do and how important they are to you. Write out your goals and place them strategically in a place you can see them. The truth is, the human mind can sometimes easily forget things which is why you need to place them in a conspicuous place that can serve as a reminder to you. There is no way you can feature in a future that you cannot picture. You can even say it out loud every time you get the chance, over and over again.

2. Be Committed:

It is quite easy to draw out a plan or a goal so vaguely. I will know how passionate you are about your goals by the amount of time you spend pursuing them and the sacrifices you are willing to make.

I have often seen people with business proposals and they would make their pitch telling others to come and invest in it yet they have not even started anything. If your business or plan or goal is not good enough for you to part your money and invest in, how do you think others will gladly part away with their money to invest in it? Your commitment can be seen with how much work you have also put in it and how much of a sacrifice you have made to make that goal see the light of the day.

Plan your work while you work your plans. If you have a goal in mind and you are not working towards it, it will never actualize itself. You will be shocked to even see others doing the same thing while blaming yourself for wasting too much time to start.

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3. Be Regulated:

Let your goals put you on your toes. Let your goals be your fuel - let it drive you and be regulated by your goals. For instance, if you set your alarm for 5 am, don't hit that snooze button. Remember the things you have outlined to achieve and be motivated by them. If you have to sleep early to wake up early, by all means, do. The goals you don't respect will never give you any harvest. Imagine having a goal to graduate and you are to have an exam the next day. Would you hit snooze when you have an exam at 7 am and your alarm came up around 6 am?

Allow your goals to regulate you. Stop looking for excuses, be intentional about it - take it seriously and find a way to make it succeed.

4. Stick To It:

Stick to your goals and be focused on them. If you stay with it long enough you will find ways on doing things quicker to achieve better success. Your persistence will always overcome every opposition along the way because the truth is, there would always be oppositions. See the oppositions as speed bumps which aren't designed to stop you permanently but temporarily so you can re-evaluate. There will always be things that will attack your commitments, nonetheless, stick to it.

5. Review Your Goals:

Do an objective evaluation of how far you've gone and how you are doing. Have a timeline and if you are lagging, know why and keep pushing. Don't allow discouragements to step in. You are to review your goals to see where you have fallen short and the things you did right.

Measure how well you are doing and if you need to reward yourself as a means of motivation, please, do. Reward yourself for any target you have set that you have met. It motivates.

There is no area of your life that you cannot set these goals. Your goals can be spiritual, financial, relationship, emotional, physical or even mental. Some challenge themselves to read at least one book per month or more. Some want to pray for an hour every day while some want to save a % of their income. I set myself the target of 1 BCH this month and I won't give up on that either.

Some want to make better relationship choices by ridding themselves of those they feel are not adding value to their lives while some want to learn how to manage their emotions well. Some even want to exercise every single day to shed some weight. It cuts across and there is no limit to the goals that you can set.

For you to be who you are supposed to be and to become effective in the things you wish to do, you have to set goals for yourself.

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Thank you for your time.

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Written by   155
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Goals, Purpose, Motivation, Nigeria, ...
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