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1 year ago

My article today is going to decide whether I will create a new account or I know I have lost this account already but I just need to clear the air and speak my mind before leaving it for good.

There are some writers (Mostly the top users) on this platform who know the potential they possess and have been overusing the power. Instead of them leading the way and welcoming the newbies, they are busy doing what they like, spamming, and downvoting people's accounts even when they know that they are not scammers. Only just because they commented on their article. Meanwhile, the comment sometimes is related to their topic, but they just choose to downvote them just because they are not interested in their opinion.

If only they ever know how discouraging and annoying is it, when you're just trying to survive, struggling to level up with your account on this platform, and someone from knows where pulls you down without considering the sacrifice you made just to get to this level.

There are a lot of good writers who manage to join this platform just to earn and at the same time to explore more from the users but due to the downvote issues and others from some of the top writers, when they comment on their articles they couldn't manage to survive. Some left completely while some still trying to gain their ground, after creating several accounts.

Instead of them motivating and bringing up the newbies, they were busy pulling down. They forget that life is much more than reading cash. Your name speaks a lot about you, we never know we're going to meet tomorrow (future).

Most of the time I notice, these people purposely do this when you comment on their article just to get their attention that you were here also, but they feel they own the whole world by downvoting and spamming people writing because they dislike the comments on their post even when the comment is related to their topic.

They claim to be strong but busy pulling people down. Only if they know that most of these newbies were here to make some money for their living to feed their families or use it to sponsor themselves. The strong people I know don't put others down instead they lift them and guide them not to go fall.

If for any chance you're reading this article and you are one of those that always downvote people's comments or articles without a genius reason, I urge you to stop coz you never know how important this account is to some of us I just want you to know that there is life outside this platform, always be kind to people you meet on this platform even outside this platform, There are people here who are better than you in terms of writing but still they never overuse the chance. Either they keep lifting more writers and bring more people to this platform.

Life is a journey, we should be able to lift each other up coz they are people who also brought you up to this level when you were once a newbie also. You should be able to motivate, encourage and build them up instead of tearing each other down.

I know I have lost this account, but I just need to air and speak my mind just as I said earlier that the newbies will be very careful when commenting on other users' articles, coz there are some top writers on this platform who are not ready to listen to your opinion coz you're not up to there level.

Thanks for your understanding......Thanks for your time, although I know I did not explain it better but I know you all understand my points better than I do. And am glad I was able to speak my mind, before leaving this account for a new one.

Thanks, once again for your time💚.

kindly follow me up on my new account.

Goodbye for now......🖐

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1 year ago


Be strong bro, I don't know why it's like that for people, I can't and I have never used the downvote button on anyone on this platform. Don't give up my friend, when there's a will there must be a way.

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1 year ago

I feel your feelings bro. Instead of doing that they should have send corrections I think that’s the better way to solve situations like this not hurt the person.

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1 year ago

I have seen cases like this too, they really need to change their ways about it. They need to stop cos many are surviving with the little earned from here.

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1 year ago