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Tuesday 26th of October was one of the days I can never forget in my life coz it was good for me without saying bad to myself.

How it all happens.

On Tuesday, October 2021, was the final match of the Oba Cup (King Cup).

The competition was hosted by the community leaders and financed by the Oba in other to support the local footballers financially and also help the upcoming stars to gain more exposure to playing against unfamiliar teams. This would help them to know their area of weakness to work on and will also motivate them to move closer to their dream.

Without saying much the competition was a knockout game with 32 different teams in the local government. It's was confirmed to all coaches earlier before the opening match that a maximum of 24 players with two goalkeepers are to be registered before a team can be qualified to partake in the competition.

Luckily my team starts the opening game at home and wins with four goals to nil to secure a place in the next round. we made it into round 16 after knocking down our first opponents which I only manage to score a goal. We repeated the same goal-scoring in the quarter-final to secure a spot in the last four (semi-final) of the tournament. Luckily we progress into the final winning a stronger team from a penalty shootout to particulate in the final of the Oba Cup.

The final was to commence on the 24th, of October 2021 but was later postponed to the 26th due to some traditional reasons and also to make the final a memorable one.

On Tuesday 26th of October, the final begins exactly by 02:pm with thousand of fans. The first half ended goallessly and we all left the field with our heads down, I left the playing ground with pain in my right knee after being fouled in the 20th minute. After some minutes of rest, I feel relieved and the referee resume the game. The second half begins, seventy minutes played without a goal. Luckily I was fouled in the 78 minutes in the right angle of the goalkeeper box which the referee awarded us with a penalty and the captain scored the penalty to give the lead to my team.

The game continues but I could not endure the pain anymore and I was later substituted the eighty-three minutes before the end of the game.

The referee blow the final whistle in the 93rd minute and we won the 2021 Oba Cup and celebrate to the fullest. I could not join the team coz the knee keeps swelling as my teammates were celebrating the wins. I was later taken to the team doctor and he confirms that I will recover fully in five to six months, which has led to my 5 monthly injuries.

Good to be back on the pitch of play for me to start doing what I do best.......

It is a great feeling making it back into training after a long-time knee injury. Am glad to be back fully on the pitch of play, to do what I loved most.

During these five months of Injury, I learned a lot about life as an upcoming star ( footballer) which has motivated me that no matter the hardship am going through I need to endure the pain and keep pushing to make my dream come true.

The main reason why I am been so busy making an article this week was that am now training twice a day to regain my stamina and also for me to recover my lost form.

The picture below says it all, the moments when you finally survive a long-time injury and your coach and teammate are happy to see you back on the pitch of play.

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Thanks for your time .................💚💯

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