Kinds of Fear

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2 years ago

ACROPHOBIA, Fear of heights.

AEROPHOBIA, Fear of flying.

AGORAPHOBIA, Fear of public space.

AILUROPHOBIA, Fear of cats.

AMATHOPHOBIA, Fear of dust.

ARACHNOPHOBIA, Fear of spider.

ASTRAPOPHOBIA, Fear of lightning.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA, Fear of closed in spaces.

EMETOPHOBIA, Fear of vomiting.

EREUTHOPHOBIA, Fear of blushing.

GENOPHOBIA, Fear of sex.

HAEMATOPHOBIA, Fear of blood.

KERAUNOPHOBIA, Fear of thunder.

MICROPHOBIA, Fear of germs/small thing.

MYSOPHOBIA, Fear of dirt.

NYCTOPHOBIA, Fear of the dark.

OCHLOPHOBIA, Fear of crowds.

ORNITHOPHOBIA, Fear of birds.

PATHOPHOBIA, Fear of disease.

PNIGOPHOBIA, Fear of choking.

PTERONOPHOBIA,Fear of feathers.

PYROPHOBIA, Fear of fire.

TRISKAEDEKAPHOBIA, Fear of the number thirteen.

XENOPHOBIA, Fear of strangers.

ZOOPHOBIA, Fear of animals.

So what is youre fear?


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