Words Can Demoralized.

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Words – Let us be careful about how we use words, words are instruments of happenings. It can make or break you, it can build or pull you down, it can demoralise and likewise strengthens. The critical part of it is that you don't know how far it will go in the mind of another person when say to. Watch it, instead of saying words that pull people down try your possible best to say words that strengthen others even when they are at fault because you never can tell how sound they are mentally.

Words are instruments of happening they can make or break you, they can build or pull down, they can demoralise likewise they can strengthen. How do you use your words? People hasten to judge others when wrong but forget they are also humans. Who doesn't do wrong, if not in all but in something? Put yourself in that shoe, how will you feel when you are spoken to in that manner you did speak to the person or people that were wrong?

Words are the most powerful invention, they can be a weapon, an instrument to make people laugh, cheerful and happy or they can demoralise and make one feel under-rated and unwanted. How do you use your words? It is so interesting that what we say we are is what we eventually become per time. Words know no bounds. The way you address people will determine what people think of you as a person.

When we say something which is not quite accurate or conveys a wrong meaning, we are misusing the word. How do you use your words? Some people say something in a wrong manner and have pure intentions but when realized it is best to revisit that issue and address it in the right way. That is wisdom. No one is perfect with words every time but only God.

Words should be chosen with care and caution because words can hurt as well as encourage us to be better in life. Words have the power to hurt or kill but remember that the best care w can do as people and most of all the Christians is through words of encouragement to one another.

The bible says "the tongue has the power of life and death" (Prov. 18:21), it can make you or break you, build you or pull-down, demoralise you or strengthen you as I have said above. It is a powerful instrument, when we speak our words, we are framing reality in terms of what we want it to be, so we need to be careful about that.

Words can make or break people and the things around us. Words can build or pull-down whatever we think best, it can demoralise as well strengthens when used. How do you use your words? There's a book I used to read every month called Daily Hope by Eric Butterworth, the author compiles a daily dose of wisdom from the bible for about 365 days and I use to read it religiously.

In one of his books, he quoted this in Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 12: "Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. The Bible is Enough!" If you check Psalms 139:16 and Proverbs 18:21 you will see that God knows how we speak before we speak it. So if someone tells you they're in a tight spot and they ask for help please don't encourage them by saying: "I know what you need to do", because it may not be what they need to do per se but it might be what you need to do instead. One of my favourite songs says: "You are the reason why some people won't succeed", That's because our words have led them to believe that they would not succeed either.

If a word is spoken to you, and it does not produce any spiritual response in you, then you are spiritually dead. The speaker and the spoken season the emotional response, so beware of the thoughts you entertain. Words have the capacity to inflict emotional bruises and physical scars on your life. So choose your words wisely, choose words that care for people, words that heal, encourage and words that inspire.

Watch your words because they can give life or take away your peace of mind. Words are potent weapons that destroy lives and build hope. Our words should be used to encourage and help others. When talking to others we should be careful not to criticize them, but encourage them and motivate them with our words to do better.

We should not say things that hurt their self-image or make them feel uncomfortable or say things that will at some point in time come back to haunt us.

"Words have consequences. They're very powerful. It can build or pull down, it can uplift or demoralize" - Bishop David Oyedepo

Words have a lot of power; we use words to convey our intentions, aspirations and thoughts. We also use words to give commands, instructions and explanations. Words are used to inspire, motivate and encourage. On the other hand, words, when misused and wrongly used, can wound feelings, set wrong impressions and paint bad pictures in the minds of the listeners. For example, some people use words to demotivate and discourage others.

It can build you or pull you down; it can uplift you or demoralise you; it can make you feel good or make you feel bad about yourself; it can motivate or dis-empower you; it can encourage or discourage you.

Use Your Words Wisely towards Yourself, People and Things Around You.



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Just like the Bible says. The tongue is a two edged sword. It can build up as well as destroy.

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Hmm. Yes it can. 👌

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