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A counselling "business" helps people solve their problems. In the multiple of counsel, there is safety. from Proverbs and 16:32. The word "business" here means that people meet periodically, exchange ideas and inspire each other to move forward to get a handle on their problems and build their lives.

This "business", of a group of people who meet regularly to help others, was so natural at the time of writing of the bible and it still holds good in the modern world today. Like any other business, a counselling business charges fees to its customers (those who are seeking advice).

The Bible teaches us that God gives us the wisdom to counsel others; not just pastors, prophets or priests but also any believer can sit with others and help them to solve their problems.

Humans are all products of continuous learning. At many times in our lives we need someone to help us in this journey, to give us direction and point out the pitfalls, show us how to do things right and not do things wrong, and show us that we are not alone and that there are people who understand, counsel us.

Human. No one knows it all, we are all products of continuous learning. Counselling helps acquire knowledge relevant to where one is heading in life. In the multiple of counsel, there is safety.

Any man who believes he can do anything to the best capacity and needed nobody's help is set for doom. We become vulnerable when we don't know what to do or who to go to for support. We all need somebody regarding one thing or the other.

Counselling is like a light given amid darkness. It helps you to see things from another perceptive and sense of reasoning. When we seek counsel, we earn more chances to do better in life than those who don't.

However, it is not enough going for counselling but doing the needful that matters. The result you get will determine the counsel you chose to follow. What you follow today determines what follows you tomorrow.

Never underestimate the power of counselling because it can either break you or make you. If counselling is void in your life, you will be stranded someday soon but if not you will scale heights in life. Counselling will always add to your knowledge even if you don't do it as guided.

Be mindful of whom you take counsel from because they will give you what they have not considering whether it fits your situation or not. Let the people you seek counsel from be those who have been where you are before and now somewhere you desire to be buy otherwise will complicated matters.

Imagine a married woman who desires peace in her home seeking counsel from another married woman whose home is not peaceful? What do you expect will come from such a counsellor? No matter how you pretend to have what you don't have, it will surely surface someday.

Even as a student who desires to do well in a course but seeks counsel from any student who hates such course or the lecturer taking that course? This is the reason why we must be careful with those we call counsellors.

Do you know that most of us too present ourselves as counsellors to some people? Let us be of help to others when they need our counsel and let us be real not faking anything nor live in pretence when we don't know. It is even best when we direct them to those who will be able to meet their need for counsel. It is not about taking glory but rendering help in times of need.

Let your words match up with your actions. When people discover how esteemed you are by both your words and action it won't take them time to come for counselling from you. Your life should be an epistle of what you teach.

We live in a world where people are concerned about knowing what people are going through but don't have anything to offer in return be it in cash or kind. Avoid sharing your issues with people with this behaviour who present themselves as counsellors. Counselling is the key to knowing more, embrace it.



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