Obedience the life promoter.

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1 year ago

Hello everyone 👋,I will like to tell you how you can promote your life,or improve your standard of living. With obedience,

What is obedience:

Obedience is also known as, following or abiding to rules and regulations, obedience is a life promoter that plays a vital roles in every one's life.wise men says obedience is better than sacrifice , obedience should be everyone's number one priority .

We can only get help from others only by "obeying" them , obedience is one of the key to success ,we must practice obedience in other to improve our standard of living,

We must not practice obedience in other to gain reward from someone,but we are allowed to practice it everyday and every time with all of our hearts, obediences makes your relationship with God stronger,

Obedience makes you a highly respected person in the world, obedience makes you accepted in another place because they believe you will obey their rules.let us not stop practicing obedience .

Obedience gives you a room as a leader ,it makes you have I self esteem obedience grants you the space to explore the Good things in the world, obedience will make people help you in any challenges you find yourself , Because they believe you will obey their rules ,

To make it in life or to improve your standard of living ,and too promote your life their are some rules you need to"obey" , practice obedience in other to get your life promoted and improve your standard of living , obedience lead you to financial income.

Obedience makes you wise, believe me obedience makes your friendship or relationship stronger , obedience makes you a free minded person,

Obedience gives you a strategic plan to success, obedience is the key to success and blessings, obedience will surely diverts you to your helper's .

If you practice obedience ,your will surely have progress in anything you involved in doing, obedience makes you stand firm I times of problems, challenges, betrayers, obedience makes you a real person,

Obedience brings out the Good person in you, obedience makes you a change creature , obedience develops or create unity .

Obedience gives you informed about something , practicing obedience makes you a precious creature , obedience makes you wealthy and healthy,

Obedience develops your mental power, creates a space for practicing obedience attitude in your heart, that will surely makes you a special human being.

Obedience makes you a role model , have this in mind when you practice obedience ,you will surely overcome all your challenges in life , obedience should not be neglected.

Obedience makes you get closer to God , obedience are one of the points that builds a nation and community, obedience makes your efforts end up in rejoicing ,

Obedience is the only number one way to make progress in life ,

Obedience makes you think deeply, obedience makes you claim your leadership prize's , obedience is a godly attitude , obedience leads to honestly,God fearing,and integrity.

Obedience makes you a wonderful citizens and also a good citizen, obedience is the only chance to win a battle,

Obedience gives you vision, obedience makes your dreams come true, with aggressive effort of prayers and practicing obedience nothing is able to stop you.

Obedience attached your name to blessings , obedience makes you gain victories . By practicing obedience,then your are practicing how to gain blessings.

Obedience is a life time supports , obedience will surely makes you a ambassador , obedience makes you fight for justice , obedience is a system of ruling ,

Obedience gives freedom, practicing obedience ,makes you practice how to gain blessings,

Obedience makes you or keeps you celebrating , Everyone we can only overcome the world by been obedience ,

There is a lot progress in practicing obediences.

Everyone please let us be obedience , because it makes our life promoted ,

Thanks so much everyone.


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1 year ago


Being obedient can bring us to a certain point but we must also know to set our boundaries as to who will we obey or for what.

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1 year ago

Yes you are right, thanks so much

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1 year ago

Oh man, don't expect me to obey the awful order of this world. Rebel is my middle name. How can I obey when slavery rules the world? The capitalist masters are sucking our blood. Rebellion, always rebellion, rebellion after all... That's my motto.

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1 year ago

Stay calm, and relax and remember to follow the right part , i know how you feel , stay calm

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1 year ago