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1BCH Newsfeed, 7 Mar 2022

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10 months ago

It’s been yet another very sad week for the world with what’s happening in Ukraine. Our sincere prayers and wishes go to Ukraine and her people. 

Some key updates and developments from the 1BCH team over the past week:


  • We are making great progress on the development of our NFT Marketplace and are about a week from internal testing, and then about 2 weeks from the Beta launch of our NFT Marketplace. 

  • ***MartianKitties Distribution: We will also be providing details on how the winners of our MartianKitties NFTs will be receiving / claiming their NFTs soon. Exciting times ahead!! 


  • On 10 March 2022, we will be removing most Farms with under $1000 in farm liquidity (with very few exceptions). This would be aligned with and in line with the spirit of our Farm policy we announced a while ago. If you do not see your farming pair under Farms, please click on the “Finished” tab and unstake. Thank you.


  • There have been a few questions around the exact end date of the 6-month pegging of the 1BCHr:rBCH ratio (guarantee of at least 1:100). The unpegging of the 1:100 ratio will be on 31 May 2022. Thereafter, we expect market forces to determine the ratio relationship between 1BCH and rBCH tokens.


  • We will be lowering our DEX’s rBCH emissions on 14 March 2022 from 1500 / block to 750 / block. This will likely result in both rBCH to be more scarce and hopefully both 1BCH and rBCH tokens more valuable. We will announce it again once this change is effective. Stay tuned!

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