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1BCH Newsfeed, 2 May 2022

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1 month ago

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday! We would like to share the following 2 updates from the past week:


  • Following our private AMA on 11 April 2022, we have been preparing for a significant changes to our Farming policy. We are making these changes to boost trading interest and activity for

  • We are pleased to announce that with effect a new Farm Selection Criteria

    • Farm Selection Criteria - to encourage trading from 22 May 2022 (Sunday), the weekly (Monday to Sunday) trading volume of each pair will determine whether there is a farm for that trading pair

    • The Top 10 trading pairs will have farms

    • This excludes 1BCH-rBCH farms

  • Top 5 trading pairs’ multipliers:

    • 1st Place: 10X

    • 2nd Place: 7X

    • 3rd Place: 5X

    • 4th Place: 2X

    • 5th Place: 1X

  • Trading pairs in 6th to 10th Place: 0.1X

  • What does this mean for existing farms?

    • All existing farms (as of 2 May 2022) will remain till 21 May 2022

    • Thereafter, the top traded farms (as per the criteria above) will be set as farms on with the above-mentioned multipliers

  • we value feedback from our community and will tweak the mechanics accordingly (with at least 3 days prior notice to our users) of any changes.

  • Do stay tuned for follow-up announcements relating to this change.


  • We have applied (via Github submission) for 1BCH and rBCH tokens to be listed on the Verse DEX by the team. We are currently awaiting the processing of our submission, and keep our users updated.

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