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1BCH Newsfeed, 16 May 2022

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8 months ago

Hi Everyone, it’s been a past week of market turbulence and volatility. Hope everyone is doing fine!🙏 This week, we have a couple of reminders on upcoming events below. 


We are implementing our new Farm Policy starting from 22 May 2022. We are making these changes to boost trading interest and activity for, and allocate farms accordingly based on trading volume. Please visit our previous 2 May 2022 weekly community news-feed for more information. 


  • As you may already know, the 1BCH:rBCH is maintained on a 1:100 peg that our Devs check for. 

  • This peg will be ending on 29 May 2022.

  • After the end of this peg, the 1BCH and rBCH token prices will be allowed to fluctuate freely as per markets.

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BCH always bringing positive vibes. The current market condition is an opportunity for a good buy and more accumulation on the decentralized App like that of

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8 months ago

Bitcoin Cash has some serious news coming in early May. Guilhem, the die-hard Bitcoin Cash fan, and cryptocurrency blogger are back with another blog update. I prefer to visit this and get more things about education. He wrote about it more in-depth for his blog but he wanted to share a quick overview here at 1BCH Newsfeed.

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8 months ago