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✔✔ Very Important For Girls⤵

The sisters will be careful in the dressing or trial room of the shopping mall. The mirror there may not be the real mirror. It’s just as deadly as a hidden camera.Due to the misuse of Technology, fake mirrors have been added to the real mirrors, which are called "two-way mirrors."

In this mirror you can see your face but you can't forget that someone is watching you from the other side,or there is a sophisticated hidden camera on the other side of the mirror.

♣ How to Understand, put your finger on the mirror. If the head of your finger does not reflect the head of the reflection finger ( If there is space in the middle) then the mirror is real.

✒ And if the head of the finger sticks to the head of the reflection, it means the mirror is fake. It is not a real mirror, it is a two-way mirror.

You can see him from the other side but you can't see him. This means that someone from the other side is watching you or making a video. Because, the real mirror has a silver coating on the back of the mirror, for which there will be a gap between your fingers and the reflection for the thickness of the mirror. The imitation mirror has a silver coating in front of the mirror.

And the fake mirror (doubled sided) has a silver coating on the front of the mirror, for which your fingerprint will stick to your finger reflection because, there is no barrier in between.

Urgent Announcement ➡

* Be aware of yourself and make others aware. For your awareness, maybe many will be saved from this trap.☺

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