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The following are the types of cyber crime on the internet

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Cyber ​​attacks and malware have grown in recent years. Usually the target of this crime is most often experienced by business people or wealthy people who are ignorant of their security system.

But in some cases, this also targets the general public with the aim of stealing personal information, such as digital traces, social media accounts, and even population data.

Even though it is quite worrying, there are still many who don't care enough. In fact, the types of cyber crime on the internet are not just one, there are tens or even hundreds of different ways of working and for different purposes.

Understanding Cyber ​​Crime

What is cyber crime? How does it work? Who did it? What's the effect? Maybe these are some of the questions that are often asked by many people.

In short, cyber crime is an online crime that is carried out secretly with the aim of seeking personal gain or just playing around.

In addition, cyber crime is also known as cyber crime, which is broadly defined as illegal activity because it causes losses to its victims, both in the form of financial, loss of important data, or damage to reputation.

Usually, cyber crime is committed by individuals or groups who have special expertise in hacking or hacking into networks or computers.

Types of Cyber ​​Crime on the Internet

So, from the above explanation, do you understand what is meant by cyber crime? So, to add insight into online crime, you can listen to the types of cyber crime on the internet based on their activities.

Cyber ​​Espionage

Espionage can also be interpreted as espionage which means spying. Usually the targets of cyber espionage come from businessmen, political opponents, and even government officials in a country.

Like other hacking activities, cyber espionage actors have special skills equipped with sophisticated equipment. The purpose of this crime is to obtain sensitive information such as company secrets, military secrets, and so on.

Corporate Data Theft

As the name implies, corporate data theft is a type of cyber crime that aims to steal corporate data. This activity is not much different from other hacking techniques, namely hacking websites or entering into a system network by force.

Perpetrators usually use this data to sell on the black market. However, in some cases corporate data theft is also done to get customer data.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a very disturbing type of cyber crime. The reason is, the perpetrator will pretend to be someone else and then ask the victim's acquaintance to send money.

Apart from losing financially, the reputation of those affected by identity theft will also be damaged if not handled properly.

Hacking techniques used by perpetrators are usually done by hacking social media accounts, then taking personal information. There are two motives for this type of crime, intellectual or evidentiary and material.

Cyber ​​Extortion

Cyber ​​extortion is a type of cyber crime on the internet that refers to the act of extortion. This crime is committed by sending a link containing the ransomware virus to the target's email or via social media messages.

Furthermore, if you click on the link, the computer will crash for a short time. After that the perpetrator will ask for a ransom. Otherwise, the data on the computer will be permanently deleted.


Carding is a type of cyber crime that acts by stealing information and then committing credit card fraud. Of course this is very detrimental because it will have a direct impact on one's finances.

Then, how does carding work? If it is described it may be too long, but the culprit is enough to install a malware virus in an online shop or buy data from the internet.

Hoax or Fake News

The latter may be less popular. However, from a personal perspective, hoaxes are a type of cyber crime that is detrimental to many sectors. Not just individuals or groups, even countries and government systems.

However, compared to other types of crimes, hoaxes are among the lightest because they can be overcome without having to understand a computer program. In essence, the public must be more selective in digesting news before it is disseminated.

Every cyber crime actor has a different way of carrying out the action. There are people who attack networks with DDoS, malware, phishing, deface websites. In addition, piracy, online fraud and spamming are also included in cyber crime.


Even though it is very dangerous, cyber crime can be prevented by doing several things such as choosing the best antivirus, performing updates, unique password combinations, safeguarding personal data, and avoiding clicking on links from unknown sources.

Those are some things you should know about the definition and types of cyber crime on the internet. Hopefully this can become a reference and new knowledge so that we can always avoid crimes in cyberspace.

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Written by   77
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