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Tomorrow is a FAN-tastic day for Fans.

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3 months ago
Topics: Hobby, Music, Songs, Fun

A new day. New things to look forward to. New surprises. Also, new music and album releases from different artists.

Tomorrow is a FANtastic day for fans and a day of ear-gasm because of new music from bands and artist we love.

As a fan and someone who indulge with the music from various artists in different genres, I am excited for the new day coming. Some of my favorite artists /bands and others I listen to will release their new music and albums.

I love it and kinda hate it too,at the same time. I love it because I will have new content to consume, enjoy and will be my new favorites. And I hate it too because I can't focus to listen and stream to one artist.

What I'm looking forward to

Twenty One Pilots

The musical duo–Twenty One Pilots will release their upcoming sixth album "Scaled and Icy" tomorrow.

Scaled and Icy album cover


  • Good Day

  • Choker

  • Shy Away

  • The Outside

  • Saturday

  • Never Take It

  • Mulberry Street

  • Formidable

  • Bounce Man

  • No Chances

  • Redecorate

Feel the saturation! Scaled and Icy is more vibrant and colorful compared to their previous albums. This album show how they experiment on their music and still part of 'Twenty One Pilots lore'. A retro vibes and aesthetics –things this album brings.

The first single "Shy Away" was already released on April 8,2021. This song is addictive and I've already listen to this song a hundred times.

The band released an another single "Choker" on April 30,2021. This song is my favorite from the album as of now. Choker really showcase Tyler Joseph's powerful song writing skills–relatable and hits the listener hard. I didn't listen and stream to this like the way I did with Shy Away, but this is definitely my new go-to song when I feel not okay and empty.

  • "Choking on the circumstance,

    Self-sabotage is a sweet romance. "

    One of my favorite lines in Choker.

The third single "Saturday" was released last Tuesday. I dont like the song nor hate it. I have hard time to digest it. But still a great song, may be not for me

I am not just excited for their new album. There's also a live stream experience or virtual concert.

I am excited to their live stream because I won a ticket that worth $20 from a giveaway in twitter. I will be going to have this experience. I am thankful that luck worked on my side. I'll share my experience in another article soon.

The moment I won.

Scaled and Icy might be a propaganda in the lore. But still, this era is exciting and seems fun. With new aesthetics and vibes, new album and music, new story and of course Tyler Joseph's new hair.

Feel the saturation and don't Shy Away. Lend your ears for the new Twenty One Pilots album tomorrow.

Olivia Rodrigo

The rising Fil-Am singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo will release her new album "Sour."

Sour album cover


  • brutal

  • traitor

  • driver's license

  • 1 step forward,3 steps backward

  • deja vu

  • good 4 U

  • enough for you

  • happier

  • jealousy, jealousy

  • favorite crime

  • hope ur ok

I am not a big fan of Olivia.But she's the Rodrigo I am proud of. She's also a Swiftie, a reason that I listen to her music. I appreciate her good story-telling in song writing skills and her voice.

The first single from the album "Driver's License" became a smash hit that brought Olivia to mainstream spotlight.

The second single "Deja Vu" lead Olivia Rodrigo by being the first artist to debut their first two singles inside the Top 10 in the whole Hot 100 history by reaching 8th spot on the chart.

Also, the third single, "good 4 u" was released a week before the album.

These three singles have different styles and mood defining the "super versatile " body of art, which is the ambition of Olivia.

Tomorrow don't be Sour. Try to listen to Olivia Rodrigo's new album. It might be "good 4 u. "


The band Waterparks will also be releasing their 4th studio album "Greatest Hits."

Greatest Hits album cover


  • Greatest Hits

  • Fuzzy

  • Lowkey as Hell

  • Numb

  • Violet!

  • Snow Globe

  • Just Kidding

  • The Secret Life of Me

  • American Graffiti

  • You'd Be Paranoid Too

  • Fruit Roll Ups

  • Like It

  • Gladiator (Interlude)

  • Magnetic

  • Crying Over it All

  • Ice Bath

  • See You in the Future

I just discovered this band recently and I am captivated. I wish I discovered this earlier. Their genre(alt rock, pop punk, pop rock and moder rock) is the music I am really into.

They already released numerous singles like "Numb","Snow Globe" and "Violet! "

Give Greatest Hits a try tomorrow and it will Hit you.

What You May be Looking Forward to


If you're an Army, I know you are very excited for tgeur new single "Butter ". I know you can't wait to dance to this new song.

Other singles to be relased tomorrow :

  • Anne-Marie and Niall Horan –Our Song

  • Lil Nas X– Sun Goes Down

  • Marshmello and Jonas Brothers –Leave Before You Love Me

  • and more!

Other albums to be released tomorrow :

  • Blake Shelton-Body Language

  • Pink-All I Know So Far:Setlist

  • And more.

Tomorrow,my ears are ready for new music. Music that will give me comfort in these hard times. New music that will inspire me, fills my emptiness and express what I feel. I am a walking 'excitement ' today, more than ready for music that my favorite artists will release.

What things are you looking forward to tomorrow? From what you have read, mine is music.

*Photo credits to these artists' social media accounts. Others are my personal screenshots.

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Written by   78
3 months ago
Topics: Hobby, Music, Songs, Fun
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