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Poetry 101: Archived poems about her

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4 months ago

Heavenly Bodies

  • The moon has dark side no one ever seen,

    Flawed by craters and sometimes empty.

    I'm a wolf, adoring it in extreme distance,

    I want to take it but there's no chance.

  • The comet wandered in space,so lonely;

    Then came in my life in serendipity

    I'm an astronomer and it piques my interest,

    Its existence left me struck, mind in mess.

  • The sun radiates its ethereal sunshine,

    And driven away the darkness of mine.

    I'm a sunflower gazing on it,

    It gave my life hope, light and heat.

  • The stars glittered my darkest nights,

    Dull or bright, still pleasing to my sight.

    I'm an astrologer and stars are my everything,

    Giving my life an essential meaning.

  • You are the heavenly bodies above:

    The moon, comet, sun and stars I love.

    In darkness, you are all I see;

    I wish someday you will revolve and shine for me.

I really love the heavenly bodies,in fact I reallt want to become an astronaut when I was still a kid. So when I compare someone to heavenly bodies, maybe,she was my dream.


enchanting beauty,

jam-packed bliss when I see it.

demons inside danced

joy in stolen stares.

orbiting in my deep mind,

images of you.

zeal to start a talk,

your smiles made me speechless–hushed,

there's lump in my throat.

I really love haikus. So simple and easy to make. I don't have to worry about rhymes but still hard to manage the meter.

Short Poem

Her name is not Pandora

but she seems to received

gifts from gods.

A girl with all the gifts.


I don't actually consider it a poem. I tried to copy Lang Leav's style in this one.

These poems were about my crush. I really love poetry and I used it to express myself.

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Written by   78
4 months ago
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I love everything literature but poetry is a genre unlike any other. this is amazing hope to read more from you

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4 months ago

Thank you very much. Hoping to read more from you too.

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4 months ago

No problem I'm excited to see what you publish next.

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4 months ago

Gonna publish my mediocre poems

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4 months ago

😂😂😂 i'll be here to read all of them.

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4 months ago

Nakamove on na po ako sa 2.5-year crush ko.

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4 months ago