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Pets are not just 'animals'!

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5 months ago

(Photo courtesy of Alonso Reyes via Unsplash.)

"HEY, you guys! Guess what? I'm here today with Chopper at the park for a walk. " Trixie is extending her delicate arm, holding her high-end phone to film herself showing her fierce eyes and sculpted cheek and jaw complemented by her jet-black hair. Then, she flipped the camera of her phone to show the dog to her ten-thousand audiences. She flipped back the camera again and answers some of the audiences' questions and talk with them. The early-20s lady is live on Instagram and still talking with her audiences.

Trixie Kreimhild is an IG influencer with over four-million followers. She's well-known for her niche which were travelling, make-up and pets. Many admired her for having a soft spots for animals. In fact, Trixie donated recently to an international wildlife organization.

Trixie added an IG story of a short video with a sticker that indicates the time that initially shows her fair legs and branded running shoes in motion of walking then she adjusted her phone to reveal Chopper walking with her, on a cute leash.

The Pomeranian dog with brown and fluffy fur is a head-turner. The dog wears a pink hat with antlers and a little blue backpack which resembles the cute reindeer pirate character from One Piece named Tony Tony Chopper. The name of the dog is from this character, given to the dog by Trixie's brother, Trevor Kriemhild.

Trevor is really fond of animals, also anime and music that's why the name of their pets is from anime and music. He's the one who others stereotyped as nerd because of his jet-black hair covering his eyes and he spend most of his time at home playing, writing and reading.

The pet and it's owner were already done on their one-hour walk at the park which mostly consist of photographs and videos.

Habitually, Trixie take selfies and photos of Chopper. Right now, the two are on their way to a cafe for a breakfast. Trixie took a selfie inside of her million-dollar car then she found Chopper being cute. She photographed Chopper, sitting cutely with seatbealt on and immediately added it on IG story.

"Finally, we're here, " Trixie told Chopper, as if the pet would reply. After parking, she got off the car. She's carrying the dog like it's a baby.

"Hello! Good morning," greeted the man in mid-20s in a green plaid flannel shirt under a brown apron. He has a wide smile painted on his face that shows his white and straight teeth.

Trixie smiled."Good morning. "

The server's eyes still stuck to the cute dog. "Can I pet him and have a selfie? " asked the server. He really want to pet the dog the moment Trixie entered the cafe.

Trixie smiled and nodded as approval. The server immediately left the register. He asked Trixie to take the photo from his phone while he's carrying and petting Chopper.

The server came back and asked the lady about her order. There's pet-friendly food in menu so Chopper can eat there.

Trixie and the server had a small chat about pets. The lady learned that the server was also the owner of the cafe. Besides, he love pets and has three dogs. That's why there are food available for pets in cafe.

After the chitchat, Trixie headed to the al fresco area of the cafe where pets are allowed. It's a garden filled with flowers under colorful umbrellas placed to each other to give shade and as lovely decoration.

As usual, Trixie took selfies. She also took photos of Chopper sitting, with beautiful flowers in the background.

The food she ordered came. She took a photo of her Instagram-able colorful doughnuts and cake and latte art. Chopper has muffin.

After the breakfast, Trixie and Chopper went home.

"I'm home," Trixie said as his enter the door of their house. Chopper is walking behind her.

"I'll bring Chopper and Taylor later to the pet shop later for grooming, " the lady told his brother. Trevor is sitting in living room playing games, while the Persian cat named Taylor, is sleeping on his legs. He's also the one who named the feline creature, taken from his favorite singer.

Trevor replied, " 'K. " Still looking at the game at the television.

His went to her room to take a bath after exercising. After that, she's now sitting in the living room comfortably.

Trixie is browsing in her phone, choosing her selfies and photos of Chopper she'll going to post in her Instagram account. Taylor is now beside her playing with Chopper.

Trixie's leg bled. "F*CK OFF! MY PRECIOUS FACE ! " the lady screamed. Taylor scratched her.

The cat flew feet away after Trixie kicked her.

Trevor's thick eyebrows furrowed and jaw tightened,showing his defined jawline. The teen has warm and soft face which is now burning and fierce with anger.

"WHY DID YOU HURT MY PET?! " He screamed at her sister.

"Of course, she scratched me! Now, I nees to wait for my wound to heal to take selfies and shoot my make up and skin care tutorial!" Trixie explained.

" Even so, you shouldn't hurt them! " Trevor is now petting Taylor.

"Why are you siding with them?!PETS ARE JUST ANIMALS. ANIMALS!" the sister replied.

"Pets are not just animals! You're the 'animal' here,not my pets! Please don't use them to deceive people that you love animals in social media! Stop pretending!"

This always happens.

Trixie left the house after the argument and went to her trusted dermatologist. She had her wound to be treated and healed, as soon as possible.

She arrived at the clinic and got off. On her way inside, there's a stray dog at the side walk. Because of her frustration and disgust, Trixie kicked the scurvy and malnourished dog,what she thinks is just an animal.

Both of them are animals. One is God's creation which can be pet and family. One is a wolf in sheep's clothes who thinks pets are just animals.

Here's photo of Tony Tony Chopper for context and to lighten your mood from the trash you've read:

(Photo courtesy of Toei Animation from their tweet.)

This is my article for @JonicaBradley 's tenth prompt which is Pets.

All I want to say is be kind to pets and other animals. Don't be like Trixie, be like her brother.

Also, don't be fooled by those cunning wolves.

Help me grow as a writer. You can give your criticisms, opinions and thoughts about my stories.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   80
5 months ago
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Dapat talaga alagaan natin mga alaga natin, isa din sila sa mga nagtatanggal ng stress natin eh.

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5 months ago

It's a good story. I have some suggestions. Mostly, you might go back through to make sure everything is spelled the way you intended. For example "need" is spelled "nees" at one point. The other suggestion is you might consider reading back where you introduce the brother. It isn't very clear at first.

Overall it's a very good fable with a moral at the end. I like it.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions. I realized too that my introduction to the brother lacks something. Also I realized that the semi irrelevant server has more descriptions. I will try to polish it.

I'm glad that you like it. Thank you very much.

$ 0.02
5 months ago

Is it a fictional story? Indeed interesting and giving us a moral lesson.

$ 0.03
5 months ago

Yes its is. I forgot to indicate.

Thank you for reading and appreciating this.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Pero nakakalungkot andaming ganyan, nagaalaga lang para may ma flex sa social media at masabihan na "animal lover".

$ 0.03
5 months ago

True. May mga kilala nga rin ako na ganyan.

$ 0.00
5 months ago