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Mind Over Matter(the time they got power)

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1 month ago
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The story contains violence.

Good day. The classes in PUP already started. Because of that,I was unable to write something new. There are few drafts in my notebook that I wrote a month ago that I will be posting. Thankfully, I borrowed a more efficient phone so I can write more and be more active here. Thank you.

It was a story about power. A story of three kids unleashed in their diary.

One got a super power and wanted to be a hero.

One was empowered by his power to take actions.

One whose knowledge was her power became powerless.

December 12, 2010

Dear Diary,

Hello diary! I have an exciting new for you. I'm sure you will love it. I'm very excited to tell you this. I’ve got a power! It's telekinesis. I can control objects using my mind.

I always see this in movies, just like in the movie ‘Carrie’ in which the main characters killed her bullies during the prom. I don't want to be like Carrie, I want to be heroes just like the protagonists in anime and TV series that I've watched. They save and help people with their powers. I want to do the same too and become a hero.

Now, I'll tell you about how I got my power. LOL, I don't exactly know how HAHAHA. But I just knew that I have a weird feeling with my body when I woke up.

Okay, I will just tell how I discovered it. I was having a very exciting dream. In the middle of the night, in my dreams, I was in a pirate ship from my favourite anime. I was one of the powerful and skilful pirate crew. Some members just like the captain, who has a rubber-like body, have different powers after eating magical ‘Devil fruits’ in exchange of their ability to swim. We set off to a treasure island and found a chest containing the said fruit. As the weakest one in the group, they decided to give me the fruit so I can have powers. I knew it taste nasty but I want to be powerful as them so I agreed. I grabbed the weirdly textured yellow fruit and before my mouth touches it, the alarm clock interrupted my dreams. I was still sleepy and too tired to move my body but I desired to stop that annoying clock that woke me up from my fun dream. I was frustrated and stared at the ringing clock with anger. To my surprise, the alarm clock fell, causing it to stop making annoying sounds and fulfilling my desire about the clock. That time, I realized that I had powers.

I tested if I really had a power. I tried to lift the pillow beside me without using my hands. It floated magically into the air in a slow pace. Confirmed! I really got power. I also tried to make you drop from the table to the floor. I'm sorry.

I ate breakfast alone. My grandpa was already on the farm while my grandma was on the public market selling vegetables. My brother Chester is not always there. But it was a good thing so I can play with and practice on my power. I ate by using my mind to control the utensils. It was a bit messy with pieces of rice all over the floor and table. And my glass of milk almost fell after losing my concentration. After the meal, I realised that I shouldn't use my power because of laziness.

I invited my best friend Hayley to the house so we can play. I also told her about my power and she can't believe it. I trust her because she’s my best friend. She advised me to not tell anyone about my power. She was right. I don't want to be hated, hunted and called ‘freak’ by other people. I'm so proud of my power because it is very cool. Keeping it as a secret saddens me. I think I should hide my identity when using this power just like most superheroes.

In the afternoon, I went to grandpa’s farm to help him. When he was fetching water using huge buckets of water on each hand and carrying a sack of fertilisers over his shoulder, I was using my power to make things lighter and easier for him to carry. At his age, he should not carry those things heavier than I. I hid behind the huge tree when I used my power so he wouldn't notice it. There's a trace of confusion and yet relief in his face when the stuff he's carrying for years became lighter. After that, I removed weeds and insects on the crops with ease using telekinesis.

Before sunset, I went to the public market. As I was getting closer to my grandma's vegetable stand, my heart was beating faster because of the commotion of people on the spot. I felt relief when I knew that grandma was safe. The everyday noise in the market doubled that time because everyone was shouting “thief” and “pickpocket”. Some guys, I'm familiar with others being butchers, were chasing the man who stole the lady's purse. And most shoppers were stepping aside, afraid to get hurt with the thief's knife.

I made the tables turn, like literally. Using telekinesis, I made some tables on the side of the path to collapse and fell, blocking the way and causing the thief to slip and slow down. Because of what I've done, those butchers successfully captured the thief and surrendered to the police called earlier. After that, I helped my grandma to close her stand and carry the goods going home.

Billie Joe saved the day! I wish I can help more people tommorow.

Tomorrow, I need to train with this power so I can be a strong hero. When I'm stronger, I can save and help more people.

I hope Chester won't find out about my powers. I'm sure he will have the same power as me also.

That's a day, see you tomorrow. Bye diary!

-Billie Joe :)


Dear Diary,

I checked the contents of Billie Joe's diary after the moment I woke up,the usual thing I do to know his activity and protect him. I discovered that he has power. I always believe him because he's the kindest person everyone will know. I tried if I can do the same too. I learned that I can use telekinesis too just like little brother. We are brothers after all. We are one.

With an empty stomach, I left the house at six in the morning without other people in the house noticing.

I walked and walked until I reached a house many blocks away from ours. Then,. I've seen a familiar face. The man was busy with his plants in the front yard. He hadn't notice me yet until I used my power to make one of the flower pots rise into the air. It's funny to see the panic in his face and how he ran like a child.

I laughed so hard that he finally noticed me. Then he shouted "Monster" as if I was the only one. I laughed harder because it was really funny and to insult him.

He thought I'm the monster but he's the one who killed our mother in front of Billie Joe at the age of four. He killed our single parent whose abandoned by her good-for-nothing husband. She's Billie Joe all had when he was young. My younger brother has been crying every night for years, being haunted my that nightmare, because of this monster. The monster who snuck in our house to stole money. And he was not contented from what he got, he killed our mother after using her body for his sinful pleasure.

I controlled the floating flower pot to accelerate toward his direction. He was lucky enough to dodge it.

He ran inside the house, afraid and panicking. Before he close the door I managed to control a rock as stopper, avoiding the complete closure of the door. I pushed the door with ease with telekinesis even he was pushing from inside.

When I got inside, he ran towards the kitchen to have weapons. He's dumb. I used the power to control all the different types of knives and some forks float in the air. And I made him fly for a moment, slamming and pinning him into the wall with telekinesis.

One by one, knives accelerate towards him. I was avoiding to hit his vital organs so can have the taste of all the knives and utensils. He screamed like a swine in the slaughter house when those sharps knives cut into his arms,legs and shoulders. I remembered that he was apologizing but his screams was more pleasant to hear.

I left him in his pool of blood that keeps larger and larger as his blood drains. The kitchen was bloody as hell. I was lucky that I can use my power without getting near. I can't stand having a stain of blood from a monster.

I think, Billie Joe will be happy because of what I've done. I gave justice to the death of our mother. If the officials won't give her that,I will. I already did.

This power is very cool. I can give people what they deserved— justice,equality, peace,safety and more by eradicating the evil ones. I can't wait to do that.


Dec. 18, 2010

Dear diary,

Its been days that Billie Joe was absent in classes. I was very worried about him. I really miss my best friend and I'm excited to see him.

When I had a chance to see him, I will tell him that I like him. He's my crush. I hope he already noticed that.I think, I won't see him for so long but my feelings will wait for him.

Yesterday, the police came into the school asking my classmates about Billie Joe. I was asked too about Billie's weird actions and his activity.

I told them everything about his telekinetic powers. They believe me because they already witnessed it when the police and DSWD officials got him. I told the man about Billie wanting to be a hero to save and help people. But they don't want to believe me in one thing.

Billie Joe won't kill anyone. It was his brother Chester. How come they believe on something supernatural not on something that has been there before. Billie Joe has a multiple personality. This country never prioritizes mental health. They believe about mind over matter more over his state of mind.


This prompt by @meitanteikudo has been in my notes for months. And I've been thinking about this story for a long time and wondering how I can execute my ideas and thoughts the way I love. Finally, I did with this concept. Thank you for this prompt!

Personally, I love to have Telekinesis too and I will do the same as Billie Joe. I will use my power to become a hero and enjoy.I also like Teleportation and Time travel.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   80
1 month ago
Topics: Game, Fun, Story, Experiences
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This is just powerfully creative! I also love telekinesis. When I was a kid, I always dreamt that I have this power just sleeping inside of me, I thought that if I focus and concentrate hard enough, I can awaken it, but all I did was strain myself.

Amazing, thank you for this one.

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1 month ago

Same. I read a book about psychology when I was in elementary. Telekinesis was mentioned in Extra Sensory Perception. I tried through concentration and focus, of course nothing happened.

Thank you very much for appreciating it! 🥺

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1 month ago

It's not too late, I ain't giving up.. :) Maybe one day,, through all the radiation we pick up day to day, we may develop powers. LOL

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1 month ago