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"It's more fun in the Philippines ": 12/81 provinces visited

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3 months ago

"It's more fun in the Philippines!"

Indeed, with more than seven thousand islands and 81 provinces, this country has a lot of surprises to offer.

Out of 81 provinces in the country, I've been on the 12 provinces. I met a lot of people, experienced different cultures,and tasted different delicacies. But that's not enough, there are more to go.

Photo from the Internet and edited on Instagram.

Exploring the country is one of my dreams before travelling the world. And I already been to 12 provinces in the country. Here they are:

1.Metro Manila

Yeah, not actually a province.

The first in the list is Metro Manila, where everything started.

I was born in Paranaque City in 2002 and taken cared of babysitter who lives nearby to my family's home for more or less four years. My parents are already taking care of my brother and sister who were still toddlers at that time, so that's why I'm in different roof and hands.

Metro Manila is always on my route going to different provinces, and the Manila Pier and Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located there so I've been there, countless times.

Actually, I haven't visited well-known attractions in Metro Manila such as Intramuros and Luneta Park but frequently passed by on my trips. What we frequently visit there are the malls like SM MOA, Festival Mall,and SM North and other good places to shop like Divisoria and Baclaran.

One of my favorite experiences there in Metro Manila is my Complete physical Exam(CPE) for PMA Cadel application last January. I stayed in AFP Health Service Command in V. Luna, Quezon City together with other entrance exam passers. We took different medical exams like dental, neuro-psychological exam, ECG, and blood test, and you name it. Most of us there are from Visayas so I made friends easily. Unluckily, I haven't qualified for becoming a cadet but I am still proud by reaching this point and passing the initial entrance exam. I am proud of my acquaintances and friends in our batch that managed to be cadets.

2. Cavite

Next on the list, Cavite.

My parents took me when I was four and we moved to Bacoor, Cavite. I finished my Kindergarten to second grade of my studies there.

We usually go to malls while we are in this province and also having a trip to our go-to destination every summer–Tagaytay. I miss the view of Taal Volcano and the taste of tarts and other delicacies there. Also, when I was in Grade 1,we had a field trip to Tagaytay Picnic Grove.

I moved there again and stayed with my relatives after transferring from. I graduated in elementary school in Cavite and bid goodbyes to my friends there.

Last January, I stayed there again for a night only in my aunt's house and visited my other relatives and close cousins there. If I can stay longer, I would but I already have a plane ticket so I had no choice to go home.


Then, there's Albay.

My 'Mamay'and 'Papay' the ones who took care of me that I mentioned earlier, brought me there.

My childhood memories are vague now but I remember that we stayed in a farm. I am also remembering that we harvested sweet potatoes on a hillside, drying Gabi leaves and eating these as 'Laing' and I nearly burned a hut by playing with fire.

I guess, I developed my fear of toads in Albay. Because I remember that there's a lot of huge toads here which I rarely see when I am in Paranaque.


Another province to add in the list is Bulacan.

Mamay and Papay also took me to Bulacan,in the month of December. This is province is the 'Firecrackers Capital'of the country so I remember that every night ,even New Year are still weeks away, the sky is decorated by numerous fireworks display.

Then when I was in Kindergarten, we had a field trip there. We went to well-known Barasoain Church and to the 8 Waves Resort. I remember a verge of death because of drowning in the resort by following other older students in the 5-feet part of the pool with man made waves. Gladly, someone saved me.


Another province to the list is Batangas.

During the time when we are still living in Cavite, Batangas is our go-to place for outing together with other relatives because of beautiful beaches like Laiya.

I also been there a few times because the port going to Occidental Mindoro is located in this province.

6. Laguna

What's next? Laguna on the list.

When I was in Grade 1, after our field trip in Tagaytay Picnic Grove, we went to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. I remember that I rode roller coaster, carousel and Swan Lake. Also, after becoming soaking wet after the water ride 'Rio Grande', we dried ourselves in giant swing and other rides.

Laguna is our another go-to summer destination because of numerous hot spring resorts in the province. We went to Splash Island Resort when we are still living in Cavite.


Plus one on the list, Palawan. One of my favorite provinces in the country.

In 2012,we had a vacation in Palawan. There are a lot of place to visit in this big province.

In Puerto Princesa, we visited the infamous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. We also went to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or Palawan Crocodile Farm. I seen a lot of animals and learned about them. I also seen a lot of crocodiles which are usually found in the rivers of Palawan.

I'm shy to post a photo of mine and also for the sake of my anonymity.

I also experienced firefly watching in the river during the night,riding a zipline, and entering a butterfly orchard.

We also went to El Nido,Palawan. The trip is long but the view going there is rewarding. I love the beaches in El Nido and we went island-hopping. I also seen unique animals there like Balinsasayaw and squirrels.

My experience there feels like a hundred vacations because this province has a lot to offer, but yun PalaWan.(Nice joke)

I wish to visit this province again, not the pawnshop.

8. Occidental Mindoro

Also, in the list is Occidental Mindoro.

I also experienced moving and studying from Grade 3 to Grade 5 in Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro. I developed myself especially in academics there because of best teachers and competitive students.

I also experienced a vacation in the main island of Mindoro. We went to San Jose-capital of Occidental Mindoro.

9.Neg. Occidental

Another province in my list is Neg. Occidental.

I won't mention the whole name because it might me marked by this site as offensive.

I am currently residing in this province full of sugarcane. I moved there after graduating in Elementary in Bacoor, Cavite. I started in Junior High School here and now going to graduate in Senior High School(currently in Grade 12).

I haven't completely explored this province yet but already been in different cities and municipalities.

10. Neg. Oriental

Neg. Oriental is one of the best provinces to add in the list.

Thanks to my contest when I was in Grade 11,I had a chance to go there. We won in Semifinals of 'Positive Energy Battle of the Brains' held in Bacolod City,Neg. Occidental. The grand finals was held in Dumaguete City, Neg. Oriental. Robi Domingo is a guest in this contest because he endorsed renewable and clean energy. We are just Third runner-up in the Grand Finals.

I stayed there with our coach and my partner for just two days. Gladly,the contest management gave all contestant an accommodation and also consolation prize.

In my short stay,we just went to Starbucks and in the baywalk. I really love the heritage in Dumaguete with buildings still back in time ,and the delicious Silvanas.


There's more! Iloilo in the list.

I went there when I was Grade 11 to compete in Regional School Press Conference held in Iloilo National High School. My category is Sports Writing in Filipino, something I am new at.

12. Cebu

This list won't be complete without the majestic Cebu.

The reason I went there is to save money by having a Cebu-Manila flight (cost around Php 2000) rather than in my province's Bacolod-Manila flight(cost more than Php 8000) going to Quezon City for our CPE for Cadet application.

Luckily,because I a kind man that let me ride in his truck then I managed to go to Cebu City from a far municipality where the port is located(where I docked after crossing Cebu from Neg Occidental.)

I stayed in the CENTCOM before my flight. They are strict so I stayed in my room most of the time. I just went out to process my travel pass going to Manila. I entered SM City Cebu, ate lunch, and shopped for my pasalubong for friends. I have regrets that I didn't eat 'puso'in the side walk as lunch.

I bought anime pins.

Again, instead of spending too much money going home after my stay in QC. We take a flight from Manila to Cebu. That time, I was not alone. I was with my new friends whom I met in QC and also PMAEE passers who were also living in the same province as mine. We planned to go to SM seaside City Cebu that later cancelled because we need to go back as soon as possible to the port to go home in Neg. Occidental. We just went inside SM City Cebu instead.

Shopping ft.our luggages. (I'm the one who took the picture.)


Last but not the least, Tarlac. I went thereto be quarantined and tested for the virus together with other PMA applicants before our medical exam proper in Quezon City. We stayed in NOLCOM.

the physical fitness test was hekd there which consists of pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and 3.2 km run.


Soon, I will have new provinces to add in this list. I really want to visit Batanes,tge Cordilleras,Ilocos Region and Palawan again. I want to travel all over the Philippines before my 30s and before setting foot in other countries and travelling the world.

Just 12 out of 81 provinces. A long way to go, more places to explore, and more people to meet. There are more surprises the Philippines can offer to me. I am excited to this to happen –exploring the whole country.

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3 months ago
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