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'I Swear I Don't Love the Drama, It Loves Me'

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2 months ago

"I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me. " -End Game, Taylor Swift

We are not living in a utopian world. In our life, there will be always dramas. There will be moments that we'll come across conflicts, quarrels,and fighting even we try our best to avoid these. Our life is full of dramas.

The word 'drama' has a variety of definitions. But in this article, I'm referring to drama as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a state,  situation, or  series  of  events  involving  interesting or intense conflict of forces. I think based on my interpretation , Taylor is also referring to that in the song.

I'm a person who really want to have inner peace and peace between other people. I want to leave a peaceful life. That's why I don't love the drama.

I'm careful in my words, actions, reactions. I'm trying to avoid being involved in a conflict, quarrel, and fight. But the drama seems love me, it keeps following me even I avoid it.

Drama within the family

Drama finds its way to enter a home. We can't avoid having conflicts, arguments and fight, big or small, between family members and relatives.

I'm a quiet person and I don't talk a lot in our home. Besides, I'm aloof too. With these behaviors, I kept myself away from drama. If I'm not wrong, I'll speak for myself. I can admit that I'm wrong if I am;when I'm not, I'll gonna defend myself. With this attitude, it seems that I'm attracting drama.

I'm always patient and understanding in our house. Most of the time, I always keep my mouth shut even I hear some not-so-good things about me. Yet, I still caught in dramas notably with my grandmother.

Hear me out, but before that let me give you a little background. Unlike my younger siblings who grew up with our grandparents from mother's side, my older brother and sister including me grew up with our parents. Due to circumstances, I moved and currently living with my grandparents. My mother is working in a far province and my older siblings are old enough to live with their own.

Because of the pandemic, I spent all my time indoors, unlike back then that I need to go to school most of the time. With that I have more interaction in home so does the tendency of a drama.

There are moments when I lost my patience and get easily annoyed. I spoke for myself that leads to an argument nd conflict. The recent one was started because of just a simple thing–my own clothes. My own clothes that I washed had been on the clothesline outside for a day and half. My grandmother told me that I should gwt those because they have been hanging for too long outside and already dried in an unpleasant tone. So I told her that those are not dry yet because of the cloudy weather and those would not still be there if they are already dried. In fact, I already collected those dried ones and folded them. She don't like how I spoke, I think. Then she started rapping and cursing me and I'm already shut my mouth to avoid it getting worse.

I respect her because she is my grandmother, older and I'm residing on their house. But it seems I might be disrespectful by speaking up against her.

Drama loves me and follows me not just by involving me but also by happening it around me. Even I'm involved or not, if the drama is still around me, I hate it. Thus,I still avoid myself to be involved in others'drama.

Just like the drama with my older sister and grandmother.To be honest, I don't like having sides and I just want to be in peace. Anyway, I guess they really hated each other since my sister was still younger. To be honest they have almost same attitude so they clashed and besides my sister is really disrespectful, even using a curse words against my grandmother. Now,after years passes and multiple fights, they still have bad blood.

There are more dramas around me within the family because I've experienced living with different relatives but those gonna make this article super lengthy. I just want to say that drama is always around me within the family.

Drama between friends and more

I really value friendship and I don't want to ruin any with a drama. I'm not always directly involved but I'm always in the middle between friends' drama.

When my friends especially those who are in the same circle have conflict, I'm always in between. I don't take any sides and I try be the bridge to their peace.

I don't really like to be in between my friends. There are times that they seem to make you choose between them. I remember when I was in elementary school, my two best friends had a fight and stopped talking. Then there's a time that the other one wants me to accompany him to the canteen while the other is to the comfort room. Of course, I didn't want to choose between so I told them that I was ordered by the teacher to clean something. Gladly, days later, they are back to best friends again.

But not all friendship always turned back to what they used to. Just like what happened between my friends recently. My friends already stopped talking for a certain serious reason. I respect them and I understand each side. I'm still friends with them. But I guess, one side thinks I'm joining a side and back stabbing him/her and to the other side or the other way around.

There are more dramas around me among my friends,big and small.

But also there are dramas around me between schoolmates, classmates, strangers, neighbors and more. But to avoid myself to be involved in a necessary drama, I learned not to care about what other says or think about me. It's a good way to avoid myself being in a conflict or fight.

Drama is everywhere and can happen between anyone.

I want to be peaceful and avoid myself to be involved in a conflicts, quarrels and fights. But there are times that I can't avoid these so I've been experienced to be involved or to be around in a drama with my family, friends, strangers, neighbors, schoolmates and more.

I'm not Taylor Swift but I swear I don't love the drama,it loves me.

You might already know that really love listening to music. I really appreciate a song's lyrical content and I always pay attention to it. Some lines stand out and ignites a new idea. So why not use it as basis of my topic especially when there are times I don't know what to write .

Additionally,it can be my form of music recommendation too. So check the song out.

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Written by   78
2 months ago
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I can relate to this article because just like you, I don't want dramas in life, if possible I just want a peaceful life, but then again I always encounter different dramas mostly with my family and with some friends. So I think drama also loves me just like you 😅

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2 months ago