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16 Twenty One Pilots' "Scaled and Icy" lyrics we can relate to

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3 months ago
(Credits to their official Twitter account)

Three days ago, Twenty One Pilots released their sixth album "Scaled and Icy." This album is their most colorful, vibrant and fun album in their discography.

It may be sound different but still a great music from band I love. The new era, vibes, aesthetics and music plus the livestream and pink-haired Tyler are all I needed this hard times.

Scaled and Icy album cover

The album consists of eleven tracks that sounds far different with their past music. Also the theme and topic of the lyrics changed but still the lyrics we can relate to.

The following comments and thoughts about the lyrics are just for fun(the italicized ones,if not in italyc– I'm serious ), base on my on my perspective and opinion, and does not reflect what the song lyrics really mean.

Good Day

  • "I think that I'm alright

    It's a good day"

What I tell to myself to deny after my day was ruined. This line is relatable back then, when everything is still normal and also it's a form of denial of how we are really today.


This whole song is relatable but here are some lines:

  • "I was born a choker

    Nobody's coming for me"

The choker in this line means 'a person who performs ineffectively or failes because of mental breakdown or agitation. Nobody comes for us when we're our worst version and in lowest point.

  • "Choking on the circumstance

    Self-sabotage is a sweet romance"

This line is just my most favorite lyrics in this song and whole album.

  • "Alone, I'm gonna change my circumstance

    I know I need to move right now"

This is me having a spark of motivation to do school works that will due in an hour.

Shy Away

  • "When I get home

    You better not be there"

When your sibling did something bad when you are away.

  • "An 'I love you'

    That isn't words

    Like a song he wrote

    That's never heard"

Life being a single since birth;never heard of that three-words eight-letters line.

The Outside

  • "I'm already bored

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before"

Is this a film and you didn't like the ending? Oops.Wrong song,Taylor's impact on me.

On the lyrics, it's me being bored watching my favorite shows I've watch a hundred times because of boredom.

  • "Kids will try to take my vibes

    Or am I on the outside? "

That feeling when you both hate kids and going out.

  • "Little did they know

    That they can't touch me"

Being introvert and hating every one be like.


  • "Lose my sense a time or two

    Weeks feel like days"

The summary of my life this pandemic.

  • "You better educate your self, but never to much"

What we really want to say to many people.

Mulberry Street

  • "Keep your bliss

    There's nothing wrong with this"

What I tell to my self after drinking 7 cups of my obsession –coffee; watching anime all day, and enjoying and pleasure. Do what makes you happy.


  • "And I know that we just met

    But could you take me everywhere you've ever been? "

This is after you met your date online and thinking to start life with him/her.

Bounce Man

  • "Runnin'away don't make you wrong"

*/Runs outside during an exam. He is right. Sometimes avoiding and escaping a situation don't make us wrong.

But not in this case Tyler.

No Chances

  • "We spent some weekends on the grind"

Definitely you before pandemic.


  • "I don't want to go like this"

When your mom chose what you're going to wear.

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Written by   78
3 months ago
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