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NULS community briefing for the Second Half of October in 2021

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◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress

  • SCO

  • Collaboration & Trading

  • Other News


◢ Technical Progress

  • The second round of POCM testing has been completed, ready to enter the final phase.

  • Assist NTC to upgrade NerveNetwork to v1.15.0, added TRON network to the Nerve cross chain network.

  • Assist NTC to complete the script that support TRON.

  • Assist NTC to complete multi cross chain swap of USDT and this function is already integrated in SwapBox.



In the first half of October, NULS ecological DEX — NerveDEX created MVH/eMVH、OLD/ eOLD、GCC/ bGCC and other trading pairs. Users who participate in MVH, OLD, GCC on the NULS POCM platform can swap their assets to the native form using NerveDEX.


Staking competition is still ongoing! $5000 worth of NULS and extra SCO projects tokens are up for 50 winners to grab. Join NULS telegram and follow NULS twitter to get NFT rewards!

Oct 21th, TreasureIsland joined NULS POCM platform. TreasureIsland is a RPG and NFT inspired game universe where anyone can earn tokens through play and contributions to the ecosystem.

Welcome on board! TreasureIsland

Oct 22th, NiftyFuse joined NULS POCM platform。NiftyFuse is the first protocol to make NFTs deflacionary by fusing existing NFTs into new ones

Oct 23th, NULS released the SCO growth chart. NULS POCM projects amount has increased 10 time more compared with last year, and number kept growing!

Oct 24th, AlphaKombat joined NULS POCM platform. AlphaKombat is a global blockchain tournament game with NFTs rewards

Oct 27th, NULS collaborated with SCO projects, created this Halloween MEME twitter event. Users who creates a MEME about NULS and shares the MEME in NULS telegram group will get $200 weights on their POCM staking account and increase their chance to win the final grand prize.

Oct 31th, XTMCSWAP joined NULS POCM platform. XTMCSWAP is a automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM DEX running on BSC with unique features that let you earn XTMC and other valuable tokens


◢ Collaboration & Trading

Oct 18th, NULS partner NerveNetwork updated to 1.15.1, one of the major upgrades was that NerveNetwork added TRON to its’ cross chain network. NerveNetwork will provide cross chain supports for projects on TRON.

Oct 26th, BSC projects CoinSwap added NULS to the white list and launched NULS — BUSD LP. 

Oct 27th, BSC projects CoinSwap launched NABOX — BUSD LP to min COINS.

Oct 27th, Nulswap announced that NULS POCM projects: GGDapp, Earhart, NerveNetwork will be listed on Nulswap soon.

Oct 29th, NULS partner NerveNetwork announced that TRON network was added in the Never cross chain network, assets from TRON can now interact with assets from Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OEC, NULS, Polygon, Harmony, KCC.


◢ Other News

Oct 20th, NULS Community Contributors selection in Q3 was completed. Congratulations to @Andace, @游击手, @TotheTop33, @真诚第一, you are the mostly voted contributors!

Oct 25th, NULS partner Nabox Wallet launched SwapBox(beta). SwapBox is cross chain swap tool that integrated with multiple pools. SwapBox has many features such as 0 slippage, low handling fees, quick confirming… SwapBox allow users to stake USDT from multi-chains in NerveNetwork to earn NABOX tokens.


The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as FacebookSteemit and GitHub.

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