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NULS community briefing for the first half of September 2021

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Topics: NULS, Blockchain, Defi, News, Staking, ...

◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress

  • SCO

  • Trading

  • Other News

  • Community Governance

◢ Technical Progress

  • Developing product and UI designs for the latest version of POCM.

  • Completed the test of NULS Stake DApp and ready to deploy the mainnet.

  • With the help of NTC, NerveNetwork was updated to the latest version of v1.14.0, which optimized the cross-chain logic, verification logic, and cross-chain fee calculation methods.

  • NTC helped to update NerveBridge DApp, fixed the bugs and optimized the cross chain logic.


September 1st–15th: NULS ecological cross-chain bridge NerveBridge DApp built cross chain bridges for HN, CCFI, PKQT, FARA, SAND, CryptoZoon, MST, TXO, FAR, LIVENFT and other assets to other ecosystems.

September 1st–15th: NerveDEX listed the trading pairs FAR(NRC20)<>FAR(BEP20), TXO (NRC20)<>TXO (BEP20), VNT<>bVNT, DNF(NRC20)<>eDNF, GMX(NRC20)<>GMX(BEP20), CCFI(NRC20)<>bCCFI.

These pairs are swapped 1-to-1 except for the FAR pair, which is 3:1 FAR(NRC20)<>FAR(BEP20). That is the value of the NULS token, for example, VNT, is equal to the value of its Binance counterpart bVNT. Users who stakes in the SCO projects TXO, FAR, VNT, DNF, GMX, CCFI token respectively.

1st September BDAM launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. BDAM is a complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on the global scale. Welcome to NULS’s ecosystem!

3rd September: GG Dapp and $GGTK reached first place in NULS POCM platform! With 1603815 NULS staking in the project and a price increasing of 570% since launched on SCO, GG Dapp has become the most popular project in our program.

4th September, GameX built partnership with NULS and officially joined NULS POCM platform, NULS holders can stake a minimum number of 100 NULS to earn GameX tokens.

8th September: NULS Staking platform provides more and more opportunities as more projects are joining. There is a great APR (30%) for Project GGTK, SMG, KTLYO, VNT by staking NULS in the main net. Here is a chart of all the staking projects and it's APR.

9th September: Zoozoo has joined NULS POCM platform. Zoozoo is a peer-to-peer market for NFTs, rare digital items and etx. Buy, sell, auction, Swap, Farm-game (DEFI). Welcome to join NULS POCM platform!

13th September: GOX 3 joined NULS SCO platform. GOX3 is a crypto wallet that focus on cybersecurity and privacy support, as the first of its kind that provides the best service for the Crypto ecosystem. Welcome to join NULS POCM platform!

14th September: Premiumblock joined NULS POCM platform. Premiumblock is a multi-chain platform that allows users to create a pool and disperse crypto within the pool addresses.

15th September: Einstein Token joined NULS POCM platform!

EinsteinToken is a digital, scientific, affordable currency that can be used to buy goods and services, with strong cryptography to secure online transactions. Welcome to NULS SCO platform, EinsteinToken!

 ◢ Trading

1st September: NULS was listed on the WePiggy lending market on 1st Sept 2021, NULS holders can now deposit NULS to lend other assets in WePiggy’s lending market and vice versa.

1st September: NABOX-USDT LP listed on cherrySwap to earn CHE, Staking CHE to earn NABOX on CherrySwap.

2nd September: NVT-USDT LP listed on cherrySwap to earn CHE, Staking CHE to earn NVT on CherrySwap.

7th September: NULS - USDT LP listed on MySwap. NULS holders can deposit LP to earn MST. MySwap is a DeFi platform based on OKEXChain, which integrates DEX, NFT and DAO. It aims to promote the automatic exchange of high-quality digital currency on OKEXChain.

8th September: BitMart partnered with NABOX to host this airdrop event with a total reward of 560,000,000 NABOX.

Event duration: 9.9.2021–9.24.2021

10th September: NULS built partnership with Deri Protocol. Deri Protocol is the DeFi way to trade derivatives: to hedge, to speculate, to arbitrage, all on chain. With Deri Protocol, trades are executed under AMM paradigm and positions are tokenized as NFTs, highly composable with other DeFi projects. Having provided an on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently, Deri Protocol has minted one of the most important blocks of the DeFi infrastructure.

 $2000 worth of NULS and DERI airdrops for 20 winners to claim.

◢ Other News

  1. The Co-founder of WePiggy, joined in the AMA hosted by NULS, shared the latest information about WePiggy and the roadmap.

2. NULS hosted an AMA with Ramsey — Product Manager Barbara and Marketing Media Manager Rasemy as the guests.

SimpleHold is a light wallet that was created by the SimpleSwap team with a main focus on safety and usability. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies. The wallet is free from sign-up and there is no need to provide us with private data, our customers have full control over their savings.

3. NULS invited guest from 8bit to the Crypto Corner.

4. Cofounder of Deri Protocol — Alpha joined the AMA hosted by NULS.

5. Token economic mode of NulsSwap, published by the NULS community developers from Europe.

6. The main net of NerveNetwork was updated to v 1.14.0 on 9th Sept 2021, the new protocol took effect on 13th Sept. Updating details: Optimized crosschain verification logic, optimized the verification method of handling fee charging, added AMM protocol in the underlying etc.

7. Congrats to @RichardGreat88's work which won the 4th week prize in August. His painting delivered us positive messages to fight over the convid-19.

8. 8th September, Noel-NULS Spanish ambassador represented NULS participated in the first block world exhibition.

9. NULS invited guest from Katalyo to the Crypto Co10. NerveNetwork built partnership with Cronos to provide more supports for the projects in the Cronos network in the future.

10. NerveNetwork built partnership with Cronos to provide more supports for the projects in the Cronos network in the future.

Quote from ChainNews
“NULS ecological cross-chain network NerveNetwork announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with NerveNetwork will support the cross-chain interoperability of the Cronos network and other mainstream blockchains. NerveNetwork will support assets in Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OEC, Polygon, KCC, Harmony, NULS, and other blockchain assets to exchange in the Cronos ecosystem.”

11. On September 15, 2021, Encryption, a well-known publisher in the blockchain industry, published the article “Why DeFi Can Be one of the greatest things in the Blockchain Industry”. The article briefly introduces Nabox, a gateway identification that leads us to Web3.0.

◢ Community Governance

Community Director Lily announced “NULS Chinese Community Content Contribution proposal”. The August reward was issued.

Community Director Aurora announced “NULS Chinese Community Content Contribution proposal Q4”. The proposal has passed.

Community member LST published “Proposal of the community volunteer from September to October” and the proposal was passed.

Ambassador Emre from Turkey submitted his Turkey Ambassador proposal for Q4 2021

Cobaltlend, as the ecosystem partner of NULS submitted the marketing proposal and the proposal passed

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as FacebookSteemit and GitHub.

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Written by   4
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Topics: NULS, Blockchain, Defi, News, Staking, ...
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