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NULS community briefing for the First Half of October in 2021

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◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress

  • SCO

  • Collaboration & Trading

  • Other News

  • Community Governance

◢ Technical Progress

  •  Assisted NTC to continue on frontend coding.

  •  Assisted NTC to update the NerveBridge, made it adaptable in different App wallets.

  • Assisted NTC to write and test the JS script coding of Nerve network supporting TRON network.

  • Assisted NTC in the USDT exchange test between different networks at underlying of Nerve network.

  • Assisted NTC to complete the encoding that NerveNetwork supports native assets as cross-chain handling fees.



In the first half of October, NULS partner — NerveBridge, has built cross chain bridges for QUANT, VIN, LPT, HEX, UBT, FISU, GSE, XMX, WIT.

In the first half of October, NULS ecological DEX — NerveDEX created ZOZO/pZOZO, BDAM/ eBDAMI, WHX/ bWHX and other trading pairs. Users who participate in ZOZO, BDAM, and WHX on the NULS POCM platform can swap their assets to the native form after NerveDEX has completed the testing.

10th Oct: MintFish has joined NULS POCM platform. MintFish is a digitally native, reserve-backed token built on binance smart chain.
Welcome on board! MintFish!

13th Oct. Zinari joined NULS POCM platform. Zinari is a Borderless Payment Protocol that enables Merchants in Developing Countries Make/Receive Seamless Payments. Welcome on board, Zinari!

15th Oct. LandShare joined the NULS POCM platform. LandShare brings Real Estate to the blockchain world, offering tokenized real estate assets on the Binance Smart Chain. Nice to have you joining, LandShare!

◢ Collaboration & Partnership

1st Oct. NULS collaborated with OxPay, the First digital company in SG and veriTAG to develop stable coins.

6th Oct. OKExChain JSwap listed NULS — USDT LP to min JF.

14th Oct. NULS collaborated with NFTCircle, distributed worth of $100 NFTs to 10 lucky winners to those who followed @NULS and @NFTCircle and retweeted this content. The event is still ongoing.

◢ Other News


4th Oct. The winners from the August competition “ Crazy Idea Show” were released. Congratulations to @Fly_DiDiDi and @ayuukadek who won the grand prize and @rokajafi , @CharleneRitz , @asdf2k4@Ragner_07, who won the special effort prize. All rewards have already been sent.

4th Oct. NULS collaborated with CobaltLend, hosted the weekly Crypto Corner, and invited guest Jon, the CEO of Unity Ventures to the conversation.

9th Oct. NULS SCO Competition officially started. $5000 total prize pool for 50 lucky winners, the event will be valid from the day it was announced till 17th Nov. Meanwhile, there will be another 10 lucky winners selected to win the NULS 4th Anniversary NFT at the end of the event!

11th Oct. NULS collaborated with CobaltLend, hosted the weekly Crypto Corner, and invited guest Jason, the CEO from NFTCircle to the conversation.

12th Oct. The latest NULS ecosystem Mining information form was released, including NULS main net, POCM platform, NerveNetwork, and cross chain Defi project APR on BSC, Heco, OEC… What should be noted is that staking NULS in GGDK, SMG, VNT SCO project still has about 40%-70% APR.

15th Oct. NULS partner — Nabox, will be launching SwapBox soon.

SwapBox — A cross chain swap tool integrated with multiple pools that will meet all you Defi needs

◢ Community Governance

he volunteer rewards distribution proposal of August has been released by Aurora, one of the NULS community directors, and the rest of the budget has been sent back to the community funding address.

2. The voting of the Q3 NULS Community Contributor election has finished. The proposal is being processed.

3. Noel, NULS Spanish ambassador, has submitted a proposal of selecting the community ambassador of 2021, Q4. The proposal is being executed.

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as FacebookSteemit and GitHub.

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