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NULS community briefing for the First Half of December 2021

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◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress

  • SCO

  • Collaboration & Trading

  • Other News

  • Community Governance


◢ Technical Progress:

  1. NULS mainnet nodes were upgraded. Upgrade benefits include improved cross-chain stability.

  2. Nerve mainnet nodes were upgraded. Upgrade benefits include improved cross-chain stability and adjusted staking weights of different assets.

  3. Optimized the NerveBridge DApp asset selecting page to adjust the logic of asset sorting.


◢ SCO:

Dec 1st to Dec 15th: NerveBridge, NULS ecosystem partner, has created cross-chain bridges for MBOX, CEEK, EFI, GMX, FUSE.

Dec 9th: NULS announced VuFi will join NULS SCO platform.

VuFi is an algorithmic elastic supply stable-coin that aims to introduce more stability in cryptocurrency markets for the average user. Welcome! VuFi.

Dec 10th: NULS announced EchangyExchange will join NULS SCO platform.

Echangy is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, with automated pricing and liquidity system. Welcome! EchangyExchange.

Dec 11th: NULS announced FarmYield_DeFi will join NULS SCO platform.

FarmYield is a digital farming platform on blockchain that provides the opportunity to rent farming land, machinery and labour to farm and earn profit. Welcome! FarmYield_DeFi.

Dec 15th: NULS announced LosPobres will join NULS SCO platform.

LosPobres will bring two NFT “Play to Earn” games plus a big ecosystem, containing Swaps, farms, stakes and a social media. The foundation of LosPobres is ‘Profit and Donate’. Welcome! LosPobres.


◢ Collaboration & Trading

Dec 3rd: NULS created a partnership with TakerSwap.

TakerSwap is a Layer2 Muti-chain AMM Lightning Swap Protocol built on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

Dec 3rd: Nabox, NULS ecosystem partner, has listed the NABOX Farm and Syrup Pool on pancakeSwap. Users can add/swap NABOX/BUSD (farm), or stake CAKE to earn NABOX (pool).

Dec 4th: NULS announces its collaboration with OxPay and veriTAG. The stable coins OxSGD and OxUSD are released on NULS mainnet, and the cross-chain testing has begun. We look forward to this great collaboration.

Dec 4th: Nulswap, a DeFi developed by NULS community members, announced that NFTCircle will be listed on Nulswap.

Dec 6th: NFTCircle launch their NFT marketplace. The first NFT marketplace on NULS has been launched!

Dec 6th, NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork hosted a collaboration airdrop with TakerSwap. 20 lucky people will be selected to share $100 USDT+ $100 NVT

Dec 7th: Nulswap, a DeFi project developed by NULS community members, announced that NiftyFuse will be listed on Nulswap.

Dec 9th: Nabox, NULS ecosystem partner, was listed on Channels Finance, a DiFi project deployed on BSC. Users could stake NABOX/BUSD to earn CAN.

Dec 10th, NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork hosted a collaboration airdrop with Nabox and DNFTProtocol. There will be 20 lucky winners selected to share 2000 DNFT+200000 NABOX+ 1000 NVT.

◢ Other News

Dec 3rd: NULS value jumped dramatically worldwide. In Brazil, NULS was the second largest trading coin on NovaDAX

Dec 3rd: NULS announced DeFi and NFT projects are being built on the NULS blockchain, such as Nulswap, NiftyFuse, and NFTCircle.

Dec 4th: NULS was one of the top 3 weekly gainers!

Dec 12th: NULS anniversary NFTs have been sent to the Nabox & Chair & KAKA & NULS Winners.

Dec 13th: The fourth phase of the OKEx Earn Year-End Campaign begins at 03:00 am UTC on December 14, 2021. It is hosted by OKEx exchange. Users can stake NULS/NEO/NEAR/LAT/TRX for a listed high APR.

Dec 13th, a new version of NULS mainnet (v2.10.0) was released, the protocol will take effect when 80% of the nodes complete the update.

Dec 14th: NerveNetwork, NULS cross-chain partner, released its mainnet node update. The new update will take effect on 2021 Dec 17th 8:00(UTC+8). The update includes support for the blockchains Cronos, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Fantom.

Dec 14th, a famous blockchain media ChainCatcher published an article about NerveNetwork called《NerveNetwork mainnet consensus combined with AMM protocol opens a new playground for DeFi》

In the article they explained the most recent updates on Nerve mainnet and Nerve’s cross-chain technology.

Dec 15th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork announced a new version of NerveBridge. All the front-end service on Nerve products will be temporarily shut down, it was suggested that users shall not use any crosschain service during the maintenance.

◢ Community Governance

1. Turkey ambassador Koinmilyoner submitted his proposal for his 2022 Q1 term. Voting for his proposal ends 2021–12–21.

2. Congratulations! Felipe Henrique the Brazil NULS Ambassador for 2022 Q1.


The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

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