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NULS community briefing for First Half of February in 2022/Nerve 2.0 beta is now launched

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◢ Topics:

  • Technical Progress

  • SCO

  • Collaboration & Trading


◢ Technical Progress:

  • Assisted NTC to complete the development and testing progress of Nerve 2.0, the latest version has been released.

  • Assisted Swapbox in the development of cross-chain stake liquidity for a transaction through the Nerve channel.

  • Assisted NTC to launch the Nerve mainnet v1.20.0, restored the function of NerveDEX, and fixed the block synchronization issues.


◢ SCO:

Feb 8th, FantomLive, a decentralized livestream application deployed on Fantom ecosystem, was officially launched on the NULS POCM platform, stake minimum 100 NULS to participate.


◢ Collaboration & Trading

February 3rd, Felipe, the Brazil ambassador of NULS, posted a video on Youtube: NULS — The Revolution of Blockchain

February 7th, NULS invited two guests, ParadoxRealms and CobaltLend, to discuss the topic “t blockchain startups (projects), and make sense and cents of the crypto world” in the weekly CryptoCorner, hosted by Kathy, NULS west team developer.

February 7th, Nulswap, a DEX deployed in NULS ecosystem, announced on twitter : IDO will be started after the NULS network account is unlocked.

Feb 7th, XT exchange announced that the USDT/NULS trading pair is now available in the innovation zone, trading NULS to share a $10,000 bonus.

Feb 8th, NULS announced on twitter: NULS assets cross chain channel is now restored

Feb 8th, a short daily crypto report from CryptoDep: NULS coin went in the top 3 gainers of the day!

Feb 8th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol — NerveNetwork a version (v1.20.0)

Feb 9th, NULS released it’s roadmap of 2017–2022. For more information, check

Feb 9th, NULS SCO partner — Digital Renaissance presented in NULS telegram community sharing project progress and sending away 300 $VINCI as rewards.

Feb 10th, NULS ecosystem cross chain protocol NerveNetwork announced that Nerve 2.0 will be launched soon!

Feb 11th, Bitmart announced the top 10 daily price gainers, NULS was at the 6th!

Feb 11th, NULS tipper bot, developed by NULS community members, is now up in NULS telegram groups. You can tip any NRC20 tokens and NULS using this bot.

Feb 11th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork (v1.20.0) has taken effect. NerveDEX is now restored.

Feb 13th, NULS invited two guests, ParadoxRealms and CobaltLend, to discuss the topic “How do and make NFTs work for us and blockchain start-ups” in the weekly CryptoCorner, hosted by Kathy, NULS west team developer.

Feb 14th, NULS POCM staking APR chart is released, top 3 projects with the highest APR are Farm Yield, ACY Finance and Vention.

Feb 14th, NULS ecosystem wallet project — Nabox collaborated with NerveNetwork, ChairFinance, ACY Finance, KAKA NFT World, IslandSwap, Shambala to host an Airdrop on twitter. Join it right now!

Feb 15th, Astarter, an IDO platform based on Cardano has reached strategic partnership with NULS and Nabox.

Feb 15th, NULS ecosystem crosschain project — NerveNetwork announced Nerve 2.0 beta, which you can access via Nerve wallet and the website of NerveNetwork (

In the first half of February, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol, NerveBridge built crosschain bridges for STARS, BEFI, MEDA, TOWER.


The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as FacebookSteemit and GitHub.

NULS — Making It Easier To Innovate

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