Story: Then Who Are You?

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Full name is 'Jakir Hussain'.

Retired from work a few days ago. However, a little frustration, anger, frustration with himself. The past of his life is his regret now. Jakir Hussain did not have a good job. He has not been promoted for 36 years. Ineligible? No, that's not. He was kept standing in the queue of incompetence. The complaint is one, very honest. And the one who is honest will not be wronged. He didn’t get a chance, so he didn't even talk about promotion. If ever the senior has heard this. Jakir heard with reprimand: -

“You know the meaning of the job, jakir? The job is to match the yes with the senior's yes. Understand?"

Jakir could not match with the senior's yes, so the clothes he went to work in, he had to come back after 36 years With same clothes with no beneficiaries. Jakir sometimes thought he would quit his job. But could not. From then on, he thought the job was a thorn in his throat, couldn't swallow or get out. It was stuck in the middle of the throat in a strange way, day by day it was getting sore and it is giving birth to cancer. But he did not know that the cancer was not in his throat, but in his own house.

After exhausting all of his life, jakir retired from his job one day and returned home with his tired body. After someday, when the depression subsided a little, he stared at his thirty-year-old world, his family. It seemed to him that nothing was the same as before. Impression of poverty in everything in the house. At night, jakir looked at his wife lying next to him. His mind was filled with depression again after saw his wife. His wife is not like before. She looks old now. Hair is ripe, dark circles under the eyes. For so many years, he did not have time to look at his wife. He stared at his wife with fixed eyes and thinking about the previous times. How many years have passed! But couldn’t seen well his wife. That is what he saw thirty years ago, just a few days after marriage. And today.

Jakir put a hand on his wife's body.

He called: "Jannat!"
His wife Jannat did not answer his call. He called again: “Jannat! Get up, let me talk to you. I have never spoken to you well."

Jannat did not respond. Then Jakir fell asleep. But in the middle of the night he suddenly woke up. He looked back and saw that his wife was not there. There is no pillow.

Jakir called out in a low voice: "Where are you jannat?"

He got up without getting the answer of Jannat, he started looking for her in this house. She was found in the little girl's room. She is lying on her daughter's lap.

Zakir called out in a soft tone: “Jannat!
Jannat opened her eyes.
Jakir said: “Why are you in this room?
Jannat got up and sat down and said: “I can't sleep in that room. Jannat remained silent for a while. Then she said again- “I have gradually lost you jakir, I can't sleep next to you. Now you seem to be stranger. You are lost in my life."

After heared this, Zakir Hussain was stunned. He couldn't say anything then.

In the morning, jakir is sitting on a sofa in the balcony of the house, with his depressed body & mind. Head tilted back, his eyes are a little wet, maybe he's crying inside. He's whole body shoo, trembling chest, a sigh came out from the depths of the chest. Maybe the words of the night made him cry. Suddenly he felt as if someone had come and stood beside him. He opened his eyes and saw his wife standing with a cup of tea in her hand. Jakir extended his hand, but Jannat did not put the cup of tea in his hand and put it down on the tea table. But did not leave balcony, she stood, as if to say something.

Jakir said: “Jannat say something? Please sit next to me. Jannat sat down, but said nothing, sat quietly.

Jakir looked at his wife's face. A smile appeared on his face. Jannat has done makeup today. She looks very beautiful. He haven't seen her in this outfit for a long time.

Suddenly Jannat said: “Now give me leave, Jakir.

Jakir did not understand the word remained silent.

Jannat said again: "I'm leaving jakir".

Jakir: “Where are you going?

Jannat: “Thirty years ago, from where you brought me. To my father's home, in Madhupur village.

Jakir: “You want to leave me, Jannat!

Jannat: "I came to you to have a happy family with you. My parents sent me to have a happy family with you. But you didn't give it to me. You left me like a torn piece of paper. Pausing for a moment, Jannat said, "You have crushed my hopes, my love, my dreams."

Jakir remained silent for a while. What will he answer! he just said: "Yes, really, I could not give you a perfect family. I am your culprit. "

Jannat: “You have given. You gave me three boys and girls like flowers. I have finished my duty jakir. I have made them human, I have raised them in my bosom. I have no work here now".

Jakir: “Am I really lost in your life, jannat?

Jannat: "Once upon a time you were in my life". Jannat stood up.

Jakir: "What should I say to our childs?"

Jannat: "You don't say anything. I am their mother, they will find me wherever I am".

Jakir: "Aren't you mine, my wife?"

Jannat: "No, I am not one of you".

Jakir: "Then who are you?"

Jannat: "I am only the mother of your child".

★★★★ The End★★★★

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It seems like a sad ending, and I thought it would be a positive one😃

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Haha It's a sad story. Thanks for ur valuable comment.

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