No House Is A Home Without Love And A Right Partner

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Everything of this universe is composed with love. Even your own existence has the composition of love. And whatever is being made with love is absolutely loveable just like you.

Feeling of love:

We also understand that some people do take time to grow love, shower love and inculcate love. As love isn't a magic wand but a seed and it grows in years and years with patience, care and with excessive gratitude. But you should never stop giving love to the people you love. It should not be your motto that "If they love you so you will do in return". I know one sided love couldn't be digested by all. But sometimes selfless love has no regression and disappointments. You just love them endlessly and that's it. Does it harm them? Or does it weaken you? But it is just a source of your happiness. If this is your happiness don't cut them off. Please continue to love them. As time always does not heal everything. Some events always remain hurtful.

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It always not about the love story. It always not about the fame. It always not the money or lifestyle. It sometimes about the understanding between two people. It sometimes about a beautiful connection between two people. It sometimes about a listener who listens to us after all long tiring day. It's about someone who cares about us selflessly. It's about someone who we can tell everything about this universe to every undesiring feelings to unexpected days. And they know us from our own core. Love stories might end soon in any season between the lovers. But real connection between two genuine people couldn't be separated even how much outsiders create feudal.

Love always be selfless and fearless:

The LOVE of today is more scarring than ever before. We fall in love with someone and get boggled in our own complicated thoughts. We scared of them asking whether they love us or not. But we scare because we think if they just don't mind us. We keep on channeling our inner voices differently. Our mind incessantly asking questions over questions and we keep on replying them on our own just according to the situation. And that replies which we give to our own asked questions always not true and fictional based, though you havent asked anything in real. The more our love intensifies the more we become vulnerable and become extremely petrified of losing them and let them becoming others. Because we failed to respond the situation. We failed to take our love positively. It always been said and heard by us that;

Your love is only what you have acquired, rest is your paranoia. But nobody would have told them that love isn't always about to win anyone at any cost. Sometimes you have to let them go for their happiness and yet their love always smolder in you. Even you continue to enjoy your life but that piece of feel never be discarded. It always connected to the strings of your heart. Love always be selfless and fearless.


Does being alone remind you of someone who once shared his company with you?  Life is rolling with punches, life will never stop for you and you will as well never stop for someone. The incidental meetups with someone, you met yesterday becomes a part of your today and future. And those whom you have been meeting since long time are real hard struggle for you to understand. As you both don't share something mutual and acceptable. If someone you failed to understand doesn't mean they are mean or vilest. It is all about whom we share our life with or at which place we keep them. Whoever we meet, they have their particular places in our lives. Some are priority. Some people are extremely loveable and we tirelessly love them. Some aren't our priorities neither our love but yet we respect them. We must respect everyone equally. As there's a point when someone doesn't share any special place in your life then there's a relation comes of a  RESPECT. The  power of respect couldn't be denied nor be rejected because it is what camaraderie is all about.


Not all the mistakes are forgiveable. The mistakes that you do mostly in love are that mistakes which couldn't conclude you anywhere. That's why, the path of love always carries responsibilities and most importantly require sacrifices just to make it as divine as actually it is.

Hang on.....
We can't force anyone to love us because they can't comprehend what we feel and think. There is a chapter where we have to turn some pages and walk away... it's no about giving up, it's just a short-term survival.


Some feelings are worthwhile to cherish throughout the life. Some people are amazingly amazing that we loved to keep them in life. Some golden memories are unforgettable and blessings to our life. And amazingly having that one wonderful person in our thoughts and prayers is nothing but an utter blessing to have such feeling which nurturing inside of us regardless of any personal benefits. How farther or how nearer, these distances don't matter when the connection of you two is knotted with the chords of heart. You surely will meet him. One day. And that's not me who is saying but that's your connection and attraction which will make you two meet one day for sure. Just remember one thing; never feel despondent because darkness has no place in this world. Only lights and miracles reside everywhere, within you and outside of you. This world has so much to offer to you just be patient and believe in your sheer bright fate.

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Whenever you are around the right person you will always feel comfortable, energetic and most importantly you will feel completed. To be completed with someone does not mean that you are incomplete or being pointing out at flaws, it simply means whenever you will be with your person everything magically or with their vibes, will turn out to be perfect from dark to bright, from gloominess to fervor emotions. The  Uneasiness of the air will change into easiness. Silent nights will become the roar of happiness. Because a right person makes the bleak place A Home.

No house is a home without love and a right partner.

Thanks for reading my article. More are come soon. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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