Cryptocurrency - Get rich quick or a game changer?

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3 years ago

As the title says, every day that i go deeper into the world of decentralized finance i start thinking about this issue in particular. To me, it's a big deal, since when it all started, it was with a dream in mind. A goal. And to me, it started to run in the direction we were running from: A get rich quick.

From every single project that we can see pumping from the deeps, we have to be very very careful about rug-pulls or obvious scams; and that's just human nature.

Same goes for the people trying to make money with cryptocurrency. It shouldn't be the goal, it should be a mean to obtain what we're all after: freedom from the big man telling us what something is worth and what something it isnt.

We had a chance as users, governors, to make our own ecosystem where we could finally make things fair; but i think greed had the best of us once again. Which is fine, since, like i've said, it's human nature.

On the other hand we always need order to function, small or big, we need organization. What we actually achieved and for this i am a witness it's some redistribution of wealth and a chance to grow.

Banks help people? No, they don't.

And this is the main reason why i keep pushing cryptocurrency as my main source of payments now. I've even bought some electronics with Bitcoin Cash since more and more vendors are accepting it. And i'll tell you why; as long as we users can decide to buy something without half the companies of the planet knowing so they can bombard us with accesories or "better options"; then i'll keep trying to go off the radar.

Banks don't allow that. Banks track everything. And even then, they have the power to say that you don't get a line of credit, that you're not allowed to get a house because you don't qualify for a loan according to their standards. They're leeches sucking the population but that's no more. Crypto and specially BCH has brought a whole different amount of players to the game. And we're gonna play it. We're gonna do it and we're gonna win.

So what im gonna ask from everyone in here and in it's please don't hold your BCH. Use it. It's not a store of value, it's a currency. Buy. Help a friend. Help your neighborhood market. Buy yourself something you like.

Make it go around, that's the only way we're gonna keep deciding what we want and what's best for us.


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