Corporations creating their own crypto it's not healthy and it should be protested.

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2 years ago

As seeing how the markets are going crazy these days with all those corporations wanting a piece of the pie, we come to the point where these companies want to jump in on the cryptocurrency wagon. And not by the usual means where you actually take a project that's up and running, secure and decentralized but by creating a coin themselves. No. This is not what cryptocurrency it's about.

If you let the big companies create their own currency this will lead to a nice and taxless monopoly where the one losing is....... you guessed right, the final costumer. us. this shall not be allowed by any means.

But it's mass adoption! It's good for the system!

Mass adoption it's gonna be healthy as long as we take projects directed to the satisfaction of the small costumer.

  • You want store of value? You got yourself Bitcoin

  • You want infraestructure and security in the smart contracts and transactions? You got Ethereum

  • You want an ACTUAL currency that can be used in day to day basis? You got Bitcoin Cash

  • Hell, you wanna go one step forward and jump into a different network to identify unique items and/or track copyrights and such? You got VET.

My point it's this: we already have what we need for mass adoption. We don't want any more centralized companies to tell us what we can use and what it's good for us to use. We already know it. This is our market. You shall back mass adoption by telling people to use the existent currencies not to jump into your newly created way of making yourself even more rich than you are.

We can't lose what we gained through years of fight and market manipulation. The financial freedom, the access to wealth for poor countries that had no other way. We all gained this with sacrifice. Don't let the big man take it all.

You can still be free and not use their currency

Good point, but not valid. If lets say Amazon creates their currency and say hey guys, to make a purchase in our store you shall convert your money/coins/tokens into our own, otherwise you'll not be able to purchase anything from us. Okay. Looks like i have a choice. But no, i don't have a choice. Actually i've been stripped of that choice by the fact that they control the biggest share of the e-commerce market. So if i don't buy from them i cripple myself to pay higher prices on the same item. See? You're getting played even when you choose to be free.

NO. Please, think about it and NO. Do not accept, but condemn the fact that the big companies are making their own currency.

They should take what it's in existence and adopt it. That's the only way this can work. And to be fair it would be a massive boost for BCH since we have the market cap, we have the lower fees. I mean, it's cash after all.

Thanks for the read!

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2 years ago