Thanks for writing article about bitcoin and bch.

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Its been 5 days since I haven't write an article .I sat down on my couch about 30 minutes to think what content I'm gonna white on. But I could not think any title or story and thoughts for the article I am suppose to write, so, I decided to write what's on my mind on the spot.

To get some points I do liking and comments in the homepage, scrolling down reading good and amazing articles, sometimes depends on article title will makes me read the whole content, sometimes I only do (like) without reading it just to get points.

Mostly aritcle I have read is all about bit coin, bch, ect about crypto currency since I was new in the crypto currency world, I can't relate much, I don't know much how this works specially in investing money, so I'm thanking those people who write an article about this bit coin and bch I got some idea how or where, to invest my money in a reliable site and how to get rid of scammers.

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