How could you? Why we commit betrayal with infidelity?

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3 years ago

Two weeks ago, a woman screamed at her mate, "How could you?" She went on to scream more of the same questions we're probably all pretty familiar with by now: "How could you do this to our family?" "How could you jeopardize all that we've built together and worked for?" "How could you put the family at risk?" "How could you do this to not only me, but yourself?"

I remember, as the tears ran down her face and he hung his head in shame, asking myself "Why would you?" From all reports, he was a decent guy and she was a good woman. They seemed to have it all: beautiful children, a comfortable life style and yet, he had done something neither of them ever imagined would happen. Why?

Did he lack character? Was there something amiss in his moral development? Perhaps there was some sort of deep childhood wound at the core of his betrayal? Even so, I'm sure countless others have suffered similar wounds and they have not betrayed their mates with infidelity.

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