Dreams, dissolved

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When I was kid ( very short period of time) I dreamt of many things to achieve in life, for a kid, anything was just in a grib of hand. If you want it get it how simple the thought was. As a kid I got what I wanted new toy, clothes and love.I just realized now that it wasn't me who got those stuff for myself, it was people around me (mostly my parents) who made it possible to got those stuff.Time has passed, and now I have kids of my own.

Should I make it possible for them To get what they want and knowing what I used to think I knew was true? No the reality is too damn harsh for a kids mind to handle.I,d rather sacrifice my dreams, my wishes, and my needs just to get them the life they dream none of their dreams are left unfulfilled.

I'm merely a fragment of the past. a peice of memory a long lived existence.THEY ARE MY EXISTANCE NOW. they are my future, my dreams and wishes.

Dreams... Dissolved? Maybe, but still nothing is possible. Its just harder than you imagined it. Perhaps I was left unprepared but I'll make sure my kids will be and when the time will come to handle their own lives, I will be watching proudly as I see my preparation for them is not a waste or wasted.

As for me, I still can fulfill my dreams some day, this time its up to me to prepare myself and im going to succeed. Dreams dissolved? maybe, but not lost, they are merely transformed into another form. When I finally find out what form it that, I damn will get it as I believed it as a kid.

Note to self:NEVER lose hope keep flouting and swimming no matter how tired you get . the shore is on forward for taking. GRAB it and grab it hard. Successfully will reach your destination. For success if not given.it MUST BE TAKEN BY FORCE

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