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The snail

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6 months ago

The snail has a hard shell formed from its own essence.

It forms the shell of a substance that it expels from its own skin.

If we humans take it, it can be said that they are the scars left by the bad situations we have experienced, and that is why it becomes hard, heavy and rough.

That makes us be more careful in life, that's why it's his slow and stealthy walk.

That could be beneficial but at the same time something that can bring us stagnation in life.

The benefit is that you are protected by your hard and solid camouflage.

Although sometimes it is a shield to cover how sensitive we can be to the events of life


What I can suggest is that we get rid of the memories that hold us back, causing fear and anguish, because that helps to slow down our walk and it takes us a little longer to reach the goals towards happiness.

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