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5 months ago

Ayesha was always a polite girl but in the case of Arham, it was different when she goes close to him it was like a new soul appear inside her it might because she like him and sharing thing with him never make her feel hesitant it was the trust of love which let her speak.

But the question was about Arham,s feelings is it he loves Ayesha too as she did? But he was listening, smiling, nodding his head in yes or no but never utter a word out of his mouth.

Finally, Ayesha gather some courage and decided to tell her feelings to Arham 

‘’Arham you are more than a friend to me.I never want to leave you, and wanted to stay always beside you as we are now,,

Arham was silent and finally, he speaks SSSSHHHHH doesn't speak no one listens to you and Ayesha becomes silent because she also doesn't have an answer.

So twell me guys is Arham's decision was right or wrong?

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