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Special moments of life

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7 months ago


Asslmam o alaikum i guess you'll be good and enjoying on world no 1 plateform ..

Every Person have many Special Moments in his/her life, whom they can never be forget. I have also a Special Moment in my life that flashes in my mind (inner eyes) every time. I have no words to explain that moment, That Special moment is my first visit to MAKKAH/MADINA (the holy Places).My Father told us that we are going to perform to UMRAH this week. I am so excited and nervous. After three days our journey was begins. We Departure from Lahore Airport and Landed in Jaddah Airport. The Real excitement begins. We all were started saying slogan (labaik Allah huma Labaik). When we reached our hotel in MAKKAH, we took some rest after that we went to HARAM for Performing our UMRAH. My Father told us not to see KABBAH from long distance put your eyes down try to see KABBAH from near and when you see it with your first contact then make a DUA without seeing here and there or saw the KABBAH constantly. We went from hotel my Father leading us, when we entered in KABBAH that moment when I firstly saw KABBAH in my Life was Amazing. I start weeping while making a DUA with little worried. After that we start our UMRAH. Really it was a great & Special Moment in my life I ever have.

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