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Prank calls

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6 months ago

Prank calls!.. Most of us did it while we were kids and I'm sure many others didn't just have enough morale to dial the digits😂😂. Growing up then in the era of mobile phone inventions, there were so many nouvelle things to explore and we had so much fun doing them!.

I can still recall my mom's Nokia 3310 then which she purchased for over $100. The phone is currently a toy for many but those days, it was our joy giver😂. I and my twin would always sneak into my mom's room and try to outdo each other in the Snake Xenxia game (the one you had to make the snake grow long but once the snake bites itself, then GAME OVER😂😂). We would also send empty messages to mommy's contacts as we didn't know what to type exactly.

On one occasion however, we decided to try something new; prank calls!. We had no one in particular to call, so my sister suggested that we dial a random number and see if the call would go through.. Wow!. Brilliant!😂😂

The first line we dialed didn't exist, hahahahaha.. The customer care just told us to check the number and dial again. So we edited some digits and added new ones, then hit the "call" button. This time around the call went through and we waited patiently for the owner to pick. 

After waiting for what seemed like eternity, a voice was heard from the other end "Hello..", the voice was so deep and scary that I and my sister immediately threw the phone on the bed and ran away😂😂...

My mom saw us running out from her room and she knew instantly that we had committed a crime. We didn't even realise that we didn't end the call, so the stranger was still repeating the "Hello.." thinking that it was network issues.

When my mom finally picked up the phone, she ended the call and her service provider texted her that she had no more call credit on her line.

Wait.. Whaaat??!😱Mom was furious. She had recharged over #2,000 (two thousand naira) on the line and now everything was gone!.

To cut the story short, we didn't eat cookies or any of our favorite snacks for the next two weeks and mom made sure she placed her Phone always on the TV where our hand couldn't reach it anymore😂😂.

We learnt our lessons thereafter😂😂, nevertheless, I know I'm not alone in this.. I want to hear from you.

Did you ever make prank calls??

Which fun/mischievous activity did you engage in with mobile phones as a kid?😂😂

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Written by   56
6 months ago
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