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Love story

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3 months ago

It's human nature that we will eventually fall in love with someone at the same point of age and it's impossible for anyone to live without love because even god makes us in pairs. We all had to meet our partners and spent happy lives together.

But its rule of life that you get nothing without struggle you have to put effort to get anything 

So let me share a story of the struggle of a boy for the girl  which was already written in his destiny 

Arslan was a handsome boy who belongs to a good family but his father denies supporting him and he had to work hard to earn his living. Meanwhile, Ayesha was a young girl with both beauty and mind. They both were in love with each other from their college days.

It's a day after 2 years of college when Ayesha was talking to Arslan that when he will send his parents to her house but he was unanswerable because his father told him to earn his own living first and then thought about marriage.

Ayesha belongs to an Islamic family who believes to marry girls early in age to protect them from all bad evils and she was already 24 and waiting for Arslan anymore seems impossible for her.

After this chat they both went in opposite directions, Arslan went to many companies but there was no one ready to accept him. Finally, he looks toward his hands and starts to work with them 

It sounds awkward when a person after BBA doing the job at the shoe shop, clothing shop, selling newspapers, and every possible work he can do.

It takes a year of struggle when he started his own shop in the area and now he was stable and ready to get married but is it Ayesha was still in his wait …..


After one year without chatting when he reaches Ayesha's home, he was confused to see his parents at their home too.

When he asked about their arrival over there they said that it was all Ayesha and his parent's plan to make him stand stable because they don't want him to always remain dependent on someone.

So, no matter whether your partner is written already you have to put effort because the world demands effort 


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Written by   56
3 months ago
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