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A beautiful dream.

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7 months ago

How I wish I have the power to make things work out the way I plan it...but sadly I don't have such ability.

I was supper excited about 2 up Tuesday and had even set my target but... My day was so cumbersome and stressful to the extent I couldn't even enter uptrennd. I told myself... Zonnia atleast when you get home you will be able to enter uptrennd and even if it just to make a post and engage few post, it will go a long way.

I got home feeling go famished, had to prepare dinner, bath and... SLEEP came and carried me into the world of dream.

In my dream I was on uptrennd, I had made my 3 post and all post had above 100 upvote. I was very happy because I had met my target for the day and I was just engaging in few posts. I felt accomplished and decided to sleep.

I woke up this morning and entered Uptrennd, my points were still the same and I was wondering maybe I posted in a wrong community or something that deducted my points so I went to my point history. There was no new points indicating I made a post. I started panicking.

Then I went to my profile page and clicked on new but the post I saw was my monday post and that was when I was all in my dream😭.

Have you ever had a dream and in that dream you were performing the task that you wanted to do before you fell asleep?

I really can't stop laughing 🤣 at myself and since this is my post, no one is allowed to laugh at me in the comment section😋.

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Some times like this happened with me also

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7 months ago