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Bitcoin Is Going To Zero

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1 month ago
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Many analysts have been arguing about the market movement and how Bitcoin is being projected to move up and hit $100k. Only few claims and most just agree. But little do they know that more of these analysts claim Bitcoin is going on a downward slide by 2022 and could practically pop like a bubble and go to zero.

The thing is, these analysts claim that there has been a bubble left unchecked for months years now and it keeps getting bigger, as more altcoin keeps surfacing Web3 blockchain.

As of the moment of writing, there are over 12,170 in existence. New tokens are popping up all the time—each with a different use case, backstory, devs. etc. And the SEC left 99% of these altcoins unregulated—still, they claim to protect the safety and investments of the American people. Which is kind of ironic that they let scam coins and rugpulls take the money of some, as long theirs are safe.

Now, how do we really know if there is an existing bubble? As a simple trader and investor, we can't. But if you'll look at the bigger picture and examine everything, you might just see what you're trying to look at.

Whether Bitcoin is going to zero or not, I believe that some claims of these analysts are not so impossible at all. We might want to dive unto things and read everything about the current market. Remember, only few survived the 2008 crash.

The bubble exists, but it doesn't show itself to those who are blinded by the current racket in the cryptomarket.

Whatever you do, you are in charge of every investment that you take. Good luck, fellow trader.

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