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The virtue of prayers

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Prayer is one of the main acts of worship for a believer. Among all the acts of worship imposed on the servant by Allah, prayer is an act of worship which develops the individual life as a believer and develops the individual in the social life and produces fragrant flowers. The overall success of life can be achieved only through prayers. The Islamic Shari'ah has made it obligatory on every healthy adult to pray five times a day.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave more importance to the performance of prayers. So he has said a lot about prayer. Below are 38 hadiths among the numerous narrations about the virtue and status of the Prophet (peace be upon him) prayer.

(1) Heaven is obligatory for the person who performs the prayers with the pure signature of Ruku-Sejdar, and Hell becomes Haram for him.

(2) Allah's Guava Habib (s) has further said, the prayers will be taken into account first of all on the Day of Resurrection, the great Lord-Alameen has made the prayers obligatory on my ummah first. Prayers are the pillars of Deen-Islam.

(3) Allah loves the Holy Lord more than seeing the person who puts his forehead on the ground in prostration during prayers.

(4) Prayers are the light of the heart - whoever wishes can enlighten the heart through prayers, -

(5) When man stands in prayer, the door of heaven opens for him.

(6) There is no concealment between Allah and the prayers.

(6) It has been said three times to fear Allah for the prayers. The only sign of religion is prayer. A person who performs prayers with concentration is a true believer. (6) Prayers for the body are like the prayers for the body.

(9) Allah has forbidden the limbs used in prostration for the fire of Hell.

(10) The one who performs the prayers correctly and timely is the most beloved to Allah Almighty.

(11) Prayers are the soul of the believer.

(12) Allah Almighty has not made anything more obligatory than pure faith and prayers. If he did, his

He used to order the angels to do it.

(13) Prayers are the only wall between man and shirk.

(14) The part of the land on which the prayers are performed is different. Be proud of the other part.

(15) The flag of faith is flying in the morning prayers.

(17) Awalwakt, that is, when it is time for prayers, performing the prayers at the beginning is very pleasing to Allah.

(17) Prayers are undoubtedly the sacrifice of every believer.

(17) Performing prayers on time (at a specific time) is the best deed.

(19) When man is praying in solitude, Satan is trembling with fear.

(20) When he deviates from the prayer, Satan's courage increases and he tries to lead astray

(21) If he prays two rak'ats, he will surely accept it. (22) The one who prays in solitude in such a way that no one knows except Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, is considered as the beloved servant of Allah and the supplication reaches the door of acceptance.

(23) The four rak'at prayers before the obligatory Johar are equal to the four rak'ats of Tahajjud (24) Midnight prayers are the best form of worship.

(25) When people stand for prayers, Allah's blessings, mercy, blessings and blessings are showered on them.

(26) Hazrat Jibril (a) said, O Muhammad (s) Momen Bandar Sharafat, there is no doubt that Bojgi is the only Tahajjud name.

(26) Two rak'at prayers at night are the best of all things in the world.

(26) Tahajjud prayers must be performed because in Tahajjud prayers one gets nearness to the Almighty and forgiveness from all sins.

(29) Allah, glory unto Him, has commanded His servants, "Do not be stingy in performing the four rak'at prayers of the first part of the day." Because thanks to this prayer, I will fulfill all your work, desires, desires throughout the day.

(30) Prayers are the best jihad.

(31) When a heavenly calamity befalls, then those who perform the prayers will be relieved of all calamities and calamities. (32) He used to perform ablution: He used to perform prayers with humility and humility: All kinds of sins are forgiven for asking for forgiveness.

(33) Hazrat Rasool Pak (SAW) has said, of all the deeds, prayer is very dear to me.

(34) It has also been said about prayers: Prayers increase the income of fasting and even, get rid of diseases and strengthen the mind and heart, especially the face becomes nurani.

(35) Those who are heedless (away) from prayers make these people equal to dogs.

(36) It has also been said that if he intentionally abandons the prayers without permission, he will become a disbeliever.

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Written by   45
2 years ago
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