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Run for happiness

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2 years ago

One day a teacher entered the classroom and asked all the students to write their names on the balloons one by one. When everyone's names were written, the teacher collected the balloons. He took the balloons and put them in a side room.

The teacher then asked all the students for 5 minutes to find the balloon with their own name.Everyone rushed into the room, everyone started screaming and shouting, but no one could find anyone's balloon in 5 minutes and many balloons were lost.

Then the teacher asked me to look for any one balloon with all the balloons in another room in the same way. This time everyone got a balloon.

This time the teacher told everyone, this is exactly what happens in our lives. Everyone is humbled and looking for happiness all around but no one knows where happiness is. In fact, one's happiness lies in the happiness of another. You make others happy, then you will get your own happiness.

So if you try to make others happy, you will find your own happiness. So let's try to find our own happiness in the happiness of others

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Thank you so much

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2 years ago

You really understand what happiness is in our lives with a nice example in your article.We don't always have the time to see the joy of others than the rush to make ourselves successful in the battle of life.I always think that all happiness is based on getting what I want.If you remind me in this article that happiness is not only found in yourself but also in making others happy. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article.

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2 years ago