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One sided love letter

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2 years ago

Dear ....

How is my love? I hope you are much better. Your love is a few miles away.

No one got access to Hnday's schoolI didn't want to write about you with pen and paper, with SMS or call on modern mobile, I accidentally opened my wallet in danger. Many days the bargain is in the love market. How many days did I bring the rose of love and that favorite Jaiyadin. I took the love number of Jaiyadin and the rose remained in my possession. Many days and years have failed yet, I could not give the rose .I wrote a lot of poems about you. I kept going far and wide carefully. The sweet touch of love did not touch my forehead. The two diaries written about you and the published poems got a lot of touchI didn't write any more poems to keep my promise by pressing stones on hundreds of troubles. I was looking from side to side, but I couldn't find youAt the last moment, I received an addressless envelope and a piece of paper, Dada. May your expatriate life be beautifulI still have 143 shaddha mala leaves in each mahu along with my walking companion. The age scale is getting heavier day by day and my hair and beard are also turning white. However, my love for you has changed a little in this love .At first I loved to be your life partner, and now I love to see your couple's life and happiness.

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