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Lost love.

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2 years ago

Eventually I had to accept the rate. I have to break the relationship with you. Saying "Busy, busy and busy every day. Only you stay so busy. No one else is so busy. You don't have any time for me."

So where does it take so long? Before going to the office in the morning in front of a pile of files. The work and work starts as soon as the computer switches on.

How can I not understand that two o'clock in the afternoon. Even at lunch time I think I am spending more on customers who come to the bank for work. I often forget to call in the midst of so much busyness.

Today we are responsible for paying a few rupees to. I worked hard all day like Kalur's bulls in the morning and evening. Sir's gossip can be heard only if it is a little side to side. It never made sense to you.

I don't always give you time to think that I don't like you anymore. I am avoiding you. The 10 minute walk from the office all day seems to be 1 hour.

When you come home, change your clothes and lie down on the bed, it doesn't take long for you to fall asleep. I don't know how four or five minutes pass when I try to answer you on Facebook Messenger. When you don't get a reply, call and I will give you a reply in a hurry. It's not that it didn't happen in the beginning, then you are the one to comfort me. But now you don't want to believe it at all. Think I'm talking to someone else without your reply. Believe me, even if it is shown on Messenger, I am not on. Go to sleep Don't believe it either. You don't even have to talk on the phone to stay at home. I can't show up quickly because I'm away so that even if you have a little mistake, there is no doubt. Now you say, "You are out of mind, out of sightIt's normal to forget about getting a good job. "

In fact, you never want to hear how good I am. I remember, when I went on a trip, I would often say, "I finish my honors and you finish your MBA too. Take away all the trouble. Then I will get married."

I used to say, "You make the result better so that you can do better, but I see your result is just the opposite now. You did as bad as you were supposed to do. I don't understand why this is happening. I just understood that much."

"You're not happy about this relationship anymore.


And it costs the most when you say, "I would never be happy to marry a busy banker like you."


I thought a lot, it's true, I can't find time for the one I love so much. So now I have lost my right. It costs a lot.

So it has to be said even if it costs

"We should draw the line at the end of our relationship. You should forget about a busy banker like me."

Very good

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Written by   45
2 years ago
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