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Let's listen to some of the passionate words of love.

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2 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

I hope everyone is well. By the grace of Allah and your prayers, I am also well. I welcome all of you to another important and interesting post. Everyone will read the full postI hope everyone will like the post. And you will benefit from the post later, you will be able to know or learn something. Now come to the point.

Don't hurt anyone, but don't hurt anyone so much that they cry all the time remembering your troublesWhen you get lost in the city of your negligence, if you don't go looking for him again, you will get lost. Never deceive the man who cares most about you and loves you the most. One thing to remember is that there is always someone you are neglecting and giving back to again and again. One day you will run to him again and again but you will not find him.

Anyone who sees you annoyed all the time will not want to talk to you anymore.

Anyone who doesn't talk to you for a day will see one day why he doesn't want to talk to you.

The thing of love is very strange. Someone gets lost and someone finds it lost.

Emotional and true car loves are perfect forever. Never neglect anyone, keep everyone in your arms with your love. You will see that you will be the most powerful and happiest person in the world. You will spend every day happily getting the love of people. I wish all love to be fulfilled from the heart.

I hope everyone liked the post. If there is any mistake in the post. Or if there is any mistake in the writing, you will see the forgiveness with a beautiful look. Of course I will try to let you know. Stay well, everyone will pray for everyone. And stay with me to know more good and important news. Talk will be in one of the next posts. Allah Hafez .

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