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Is the time getting worse?

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2 years ago
Topics: Life

Suddenly something happens that turns everything upside down. Accepting any unexpected and unexpected change in life. Life that has been arranged little by little for a long time seems to become untidy in a moment, the familiar world becomes unfamiliar. Bad times come suddenly.

How to handle?

* Accept the sudden change in your life due to an event, no matter how unexpected, unexpected. Accept. The faster you accept, the faster you will be able to adapt to the changed life.

* Whatever the new state of life, love it.

* Even in a very negative situation, small things are scattered around, which we don't think is important. Separate attention to your financial well-being, family support, and your own well-being will give you some strength, which will help you to cope with this unpleasant situation.

* Communicate with old friends, go to social events, if necessary, lighten yourself by revealing your troubles to your loved ones. The love of people close to you will give you confidence and trust. Connecting with people will help you show new paths and new light of possibilities.

* Take care of yourself even if it is difficult. Keeping yourself tidy little by little, fulfilling some of your hobbies, looking at yourself in the mirror, etc. will help you to love again. Listen to music, write blogs, draw pictures, garden.

* Walk briskly or exercise for at least 40 minutes every day. This habit will help you to reduce the stagnation and fatigue of your mind and body.

* Reassure yourself over and over again that this bad time in life is just a temporary condition and never the ‘end result’. Just as nothing in life is permanent, this bad time will inevitably come to an end. If you look back a little, you will see that there were many small difficult times, which you have just passed in your life. More beautiful and rich experiences are waiting for you ahead.

* If you have trouble sleeping, longing for food or suicidal thoughts, consult a psychiatrist without delay.

No matter how difficult an event may be, over time we all return to the normal course of life. It is important to remember that some changes in life may not seem as unacceptable or stressful as they seem. Rather, these changes in life become oppressive or unacceptable because the person sees them as undesirable. That is, how much something will defeat someone depends a lot on who sees the event or the change in life. If you change your vision a little, but this difficult time of yours can become tolerable.

Don't do that

* Refrain from smoking or any intoxicants to reduce suffering.

* Do not take sleeping pills without the advice of a doctor.

* Refrain from talking about the former person ‘all the time’ in case of separation.

* Do not wrap yourself. Don’t lie down all day or make yourself routine.

* Do not increase dependence on the virtual world.

* Do not compare yourself with others.

* Do not leave yourself alone.

* Avoid putting the full responsibility of the current problem on the shoulders of others or blaming others.

* Don't rush into making important decisions (such as getting married, getting involved in a new relationship, quitting your job, etc.)

What can you do?

* Do at least one thing every day that you love or like.

* If you can't concentrate on thought work, do physical work. Don't let yourself be lazy.

* Cry when you cry.

* Spend time with children and nature.

* Go to new places, mix with new people.

* Do social work.

* Keep yourself busy even if you are volunteering.

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Written by   45
2 years ago
Topics: Life
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2 years ago

Keep yourself busy even if you are volunteering.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much

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2 years ago

Nice article...

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