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Good people are repeatedly suffering? Know the way of liberation!

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1 year ago

Man is the best creature of creation.

It is a well-known fact that good people have no value in today's society. In any case, falling behind is just a crime to be a good person. You have to cheat others again and again, you have to suffer in unrest by being a victim of conspiracy, you have to accept failure and you have to cheat in despair. Is your condition the same? Do you have to suffer in different areas of life as a normal good minded person? Then this feature is for you. No, you don't have to stop being a good person. But yes, learn how to protect yourself.

1) Being transparent with yourself is the most important thing

"If someone does bad things, you do bad things too" or "What would you do to be such a good person?" - You must have heard this kind of advice in your life. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The point is, be honest with yourself. Whatever you do, do it in front of your conscience. Don't do anything that will make you look small. Do not do wrong to anyone close to you or do anything against your will. You see, the troubles and sufferings in life have decreased a lot.

2) Learn to verify

Yes, you may not lie to anyone. But it should not be forgotten that the people of this world lie, use others for their own benefit and deceive others. Trusting people is a very good quality. But before you can trust someone completely, you must do a little verification. You can at least keep yourself safe. But yes, knowing polymorphs is really a responsibility.

3) Do not give up your identity for anyone

Yes, you are a good person. But do not be persuaded by anyone. Do what your mind allows you to do or what suits your personality. Don't give up your own traits for someone who feels bad, has pity, or is very close to someone.

4) Make the weakness a tool

You are a kind person, a truthful person, a passionate person. And this is your weakness? Does everyone hurt you by capitalizing on this? Transform energy into these things. Deal with lies with truth, answer cruelty or deception with kindness or mercy. Never let yourself be small or feel small. Be aware, being a soft-hearted person in today's world is a great virtue. And that is your strength.

5) Know when to move

Can't understand when it's important to break up with someone? In this case you can make a plan of 3 steps. At first, when someone does something wrong to you, forgive if the matter is minor. Because many times we are victims of the situation or reluctantly make a mistake. If you are hit by the same person a second time, wait. If he wants forgiveness, forgive him. If you do not apologize, remove yourself. If the same person hurts you again even after he apologizes, never forgive him again. Remove yourself as soon as possible.

6) Some small rules

Instead of trying to figure out what to do, follow some rules. These will keep you well, at ease. E.g.

- Get along well with everyone. Even with someone you dislike

-Learn to share

- Do good in all areas of life

- Do not hesitate to apologize if you have done injustice

-Don't intentionally hit anyone

-Learn to fix your own problems

There is only one life. So stay well, stay well. Keep yourself and your loved ones well.

I pray that you all are well, you will pray for me. Thanks everyone. God bless you.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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